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Subject: Agital, Inc. Fortifies Customer Engagement Team

Agital, Inc. Fortifies Engagement Team

September 25, 2001 - Agital, Inc. (www.agital.net), a
leading provider of Data Conditioning Solutions, today
announced that it has expanded and strengthened its
seasoned customer engagement team with the addition of
Richard Kennewick, the new vice president of sales for
Agital, and Phil Vachon, the company's newest board

"With the addition of two such powerful customer
engagement executives to the Agital team, Agital is
poised to expand quickly into new vertical and
international markets," said Kim Mackay, Agital
president and CEO.  "Both Richard and Phil bring
extensive experience in global 2000 eBusiness sales
strategies, building worldwide sales teams and
creating revenue though innovative distribution
strategies.  Their experience will be a valuable asset
as we increase our focus on these areas of the fourth
quarter of 2001 and beyond."

By connecting and transforming XML data as it is
routed between applications, services, and devices -
Agital's Data Conditioning process improves the
flexibility, profitability, and speed with which
eBusiness initiatives are designed and delivered.

As the top Agital sales executive, Kennewick will work
to expand the company's sales team to deliver Agital
Data Conditioning Solutions to XML developers,
eBusiness architects, and global 2000 businesses that
employ their service(s).

"XML is how people will do business now and in the
future," said Kennewick.  "Agital is already shipping
XML-native solutions that others are just beginning to
explore.  Agital intends to build a highly effective
domestic and international sales program to take full
advantage of this market-leading opportunity."

Prior to joining the Agital executive team, Kennewick
served as president and co-founder of Axxess Software,
a provider of an XML business content-management
solution.  Previous to his work at Axxess, Kennewick
held a number of executive sales positions with
Chilisoft Corporation, Saros, and FileNET Corporation.
 Additionally, he served as the Northwest Sales
Manager for Adobe Systems.

As the newest member of the Agital Board of Directors,
Phil Vachon will contribute to the development of
customer engagement strategies, consult to the Agital
executive team, and serve as an active voice for the
customer in Agital board meetings.

"Agital is truly ahead of the game with their focus on
XML-based integration as the key to unlocking
eBusiness ROI for global 2000 companies," said Vachon.
 "As a member of the Agital Board of Directors I look
forward to applying my past experience in leading
customer engagement teams to help Agital realize
continued success."

Vachon was formerly the senior vice president of sales
for Liberate Technologies and was a founding member of
Liberate's management team.  During his tenure at
Liberate, Phil was responsible for creating the
company's revenue and distribution strategy and
building a worldwide sales team that produced 15
successive quarters of consecutive revenue growth. 
Prior to his employment at Liberate, Phil was employed
for 6 years at Oracle Corporation, where he was most
recently vice president of sales in the
telecommunications vertical direct sales organization.


Agital helps customers develop Data Conditioning
Solutions that improve the flexibility and
profitability of eBusiness initiatives.  By helping
companies manage data instead of applications, Agital
makes eBusiness work.  For more information call (425)
492-1700 or visit us at www.agital.net.

At Agital, we make eBusiness work - and we want to
make eBusiness work for you.

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