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Subject: FW: OASIS Cosponsors XML World 2001: San Francisco, Nov 26-29

OASIS Members:

OASIS is proud to cosponsor the XML World 2001 Conferences to be held in
San Francisco, California, USA on November 26-29,
http://www.xmlworld.org/xmlsan01/index.htm .

The XML World series of events fills the need for a technical conference
that tunes its focus to the design and deployment of commercial products
that will help organizations build XML solutions. This conference is for
developers, project managers, investors, integrators, and product
Simon Y. Blackwell of Psoom, chair of the OASIS Access Control Technical
Committee will feature a presentation on XACML. Una Kearns of
Documentum, member of the OASIS Board of Directors, will feature a
presentation on "The Alphabet Soup of Electronic Business Standards".
Simon Nicholson of Sun will present a keynote speech on "ebXML".  Mr.
Nicholson is the ebXML Marketing Awareness Project Team Leader and
former Chairman of the OASIS Board of Directors.

OASIS members receive a %15 discount at the XML World San Francisco,
November 26-29

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