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Subject: [announce] Bowstreet embraces Windows XP

Bowstreet predicts 2002 will be the 'year of web services';  kicked off by
Microsoft Windows XP

Early piece of .NET strategy falls into place, advancing Internet-based,
plug-and-play software components

PORTSMOUTH, NH, October 25, 2001 - Bowstreet (www.bowstreet.com) today
hailed the release of Microsoft(R) Windows XP, saying it will help make 2002
the "year of web services." The XP operating system, touted to be
streamlined and stable, will deliver Microsoft's first web services and
increase demand for web services in general.

Web services are platform-neutral software components that companies publish
on the Internet for customers and partners to use. In a web services world,
for instance, typing a vacation date in a handheld personal calendar could
precipitate a series of web services interactions that reserve a flight,
hotel and car without any further effort on the user's part.  

As a recognized leader in web services, Bowstreet has seen and espoused the
promise of web services since the company's inception in January 1998.  The
Bowstreet(TM) Business Web Factory helps companies mix, match, combine and
customize web services that are dynamically assembled into entirely new
composite web applications on demand. Microsoft is soon expected to deliver
web services - Microsoft .NET My Services - on XP for calendaring,
contact-list management, document/image storage, credit card information and
personal identification data, among many others.

"Even as the technology industry faces an uncertain economy, web services
are on the rise because they lower costs and expand market reach," said Bob
Crowley, Bowstreet's president and CEO. "The standards, tools and developer
skills are already in place. Microsoft's newest operating system takes web
services another giant step toward mass market appeal, acceptance and

Bowstreet interacts with Windows XP in three ways. First, Bowstreet's
Business Web Factory lets companies take Microsoft's .NET My Services,
combine them with web services from any source, then dynamically assemble
them into composite web applications. Second, the Business Web Factory lets
companies extend their web services to the emerging XP audience. Third, the
Business Web Factory will support the Microsoft Windows XP server operating

Analyst firm Gartner, Inc. calls web services "likely the hottest trend of
2001 and 2002" and "an underestimated technology." Microsoft is "betting the
company" on web services, CEO Steve Ballmer has said. Every other technology
giant - including Sun, HP, IBM, Oracle and BEA - supports web services.
Bowstreet's products create, assemble and maintain web services and
composite web applications that integrate with these vendors' solutions.

About Bowstreet
Bowstreet, a recognized leader in web services, enables businesses to form
dynamic, distributed networks called "business webs" that leverage the
strengths of the entire value chain while providing rich, streamlined web
experiences for employees, partners and customers. The Bowstreet(TM)
Business Web Factory automates the creation, assembly and maintenance of
families of composite web applications, dramatically increasing programmer
productivity. Available options harness the power of the Business Web
Factory with leading application, portal and integration platforms. More
information may be found at www.bowstreet.com or by calling 603-559-1900.

Bowstreet is a trademark of Bowstreet, Inc.  All other company names and
product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
companies or owners. 


Ann Kelly				

Tim Munroe 					 
Beaupre & Co. Public Relations Inc. 		

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