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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: W3C Released Republica's Data ExtractionLanguage

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that is responsible for standardizing
Internet formats has accepted DEL-language (Data Extraction Language)
developed by Republica to be on their Note list. This is the first time
Finnish technology has been accepted to this list. The steps of the
standardizing process at W3C are Note, Working Draft, Candidate
Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation and Recommendation.
DEL-language, which was created for Republica's X-Fetch Wrapper, is
Republica's contribution to developing XSL language. XSL is used to
convert information delivered over Internet. It is also a general notion
for software business based on open interfaces and component-based
software architecture.
The advantage of XML-based DEL-language is that it makes description of
conversion processes from any format to XML easy and fast. This is
possible because the conversion process does not require any traditional
coding. Coding with general programming languages is slower and more
prone to errors, and maintenance and reuse of the code is more difficult
than using specifically developed XML-based languages.
Accepting Republica's DEL-language for Note list means that the ideas of
the language have been perceived developable and the area is considered
important and corresponding to W3C objectives.
More information about Republica's DEL-language and W3C comments can be
found in http://www.w3.org/Submission/2001/10/ and
Republica Corp., founded in 1996, concentrates on XML-business.
products enable real-time information exchange between company's
systems, as well as between company and its interest groups. The
facilitate easy and fast integration of these different systems.
is based in Finland and has offices in both Helsinki and Jyväskylä.

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