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Subject: [announce] Premier Issue of XML.org Newsletter is now available

OASIS's XML.org is pleased to announce the premier issue release of the
monthly XML.org Newsletter.  Many thanks to the contributors and to Michael
Floyd, the newsletter editor, for a job well done.  Details on subscribing
and contributing content to the next newsletter can be found at
http://www.xml.org/xml/news_newsletters.shtml. .

Leo Kraunelis
GM of XML.org

XML.org Newsletter
Volume: 1 Issue: 1
November 2001

XML.org News
By XML.org staff

This month features the latest news from OASIS including the announcement of
the Interoperability Summit. In addition OASIS discloses its plans to
develop a Web Services Component Model; and that the organization will
develop a Universal Business Language.

Lightweight Mechanism for Client-Server Communication
By Michael Persin

A variety of distributed Internet-based systems require a lightweight
mechanism for communication between the client application and the server.
Often, the client and server are implemented in different languages and run
on different platforms, thus necessitating a platform-neutral solution. This
article describes the design of a simple communication mechanism based on
exchanging XML messages over HTTP protocol.

XML In Practice
By Lynn Sites & Joseph Judistira

Trustium Corporation has developed an XML based contract prosecution
processor that is embedded in a trusted third party (TTP) platform
specifically targeted towards the real estate transaction marketplace. This
high level case study explores the use of XML, XSLT and XML Digital
Signatures as key architectural elements in the overall platform design. A
follow on article will detail a required Non Repudiation Systems (NRS)
,which is mandatory for the platform to conform to ISO standard 13888 for

Schema Designer
By Earl Bingham and Ravi Akireddy

As developers design their enterprise transaction management architectures,
there is a need to understand various ways to validate messages. One
approach is to use XML documents to handle the complexity of the messages
and provide a level of abstraction to the messaging subsystem. This article
will discuss the mechanisms that can be used to validate the incoming and
outgoing XML documents in the enterprise. Providing a perspective on new
developments happening around in this area.

In the Real World
By Alan Stitzer

ACORD, the standards body within the insurance industry, originally existed
so insurance companies and agents could come to a single source for
insurance forms. To date, ACORD has over 600 forms to which member companies
have access. ACORD takes care of state filings, revisions to the forms, and
owns the copyright on all of them. This article looks at how XML is being
employed to solve this age-old problem.

From The Well
By Leo Kraunelis

Just as the Web revolutionized how users interact with content, XML has
revolutionized how applications interact with each other. The question now
is what will the next generation of business over the Internet look like?

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