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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: Vordel's new Web services securityproduct acclaimed by industry experts

Vordel’s new Web services security product acclaimed by industry experts

November 12, 2001, Dublin, Ireland and Boston, MA - Vordel, the Web services
security company, today unveiled its strategy to lower the barriers that prevent
companies from adopting and deploying Web services in their organizations. This
announcement received praise from several leading industry specialists.

The company’s flagship product, Vordel TalkXML™ Version 3.0, has been designed
to provide security, accountability, integration and performance for business
transactions over the Internet. TalkXML will be released on November 19th.

“Companies are eager to avail of the benefits made possible by Web services”,
explained Derek O’Carroll, Director of Business Development of Vordel. “Web
services offer the very real chance to integrate business processes over public
networks, thereby enabling companies to accelerate their entry into new markets,
extend their existing services to reach and retain customers, and streamline
operating efficiencies.

“However, this opportunity is matched by the challenges posed,” O’Carroll
asserted. “Enabling integration between organizations’ different systems
requires a product that can provide a secure, integrated, high-performance
environment for Web services based transactions.

“TalkXML delivers on this requirement. It maximizes a company’s return on
existing IT investments, reducing the pain of integration and ensures that
companies get the optimal performance rates for secured data over public

Pete Lindstrom, Director of Security Strategies at Hurwitz Group, confirmed the
demand for such technology: "The need for security in this new world of Web
services is obvious. Information and applications can come from multiple
sources, and can be served to multiple destinations; data can be repackaged on
the fly; never before has information been so transient.

"Vordel is a leader in the Web services security space with its unique TalkXML
technology, which allows organizations to secure Web services-based

Ed Simon, co-author of the XML Signature and XML Encryption specifications,
reinforced this opinion, stating that “Vordel was one of the first companies to
recognize the incredible synergy of PKI and XML working together. Now that the
need for integrating beyond the firewall through secure communications based on
XML and PKI technologies is becoming widely accepted, the time has come to make
such integration practical”.

“I congratulate Vordel on its release of TalkXML v3.0,” said Simon, “a product
that enables disparate systems to be integrated, and delivers the security
framework essential to successfully deploy Web services.”
For further information on TalkXML 3.0 please go to

To request an evaluation version of the TalkXML software please visit

About Hurwitz Group

Hurwitz Group, an analyst, research, and consulting firm, is a recognized leader
in identifying and articulating the business value of technology. Known for its
real-world experience, consultative style, and pragmatic approach, Hurwitz Group
provides strategic guidance to its clients by delivering analysis, market
research, custom content, and consulting services. Clients include Global 2000,
software, services, systems and investment companies.

About Vordel

Vordel is the Web services security company. It develops products that provide
security, accountability, integration and performance for business transactions
over the Internet.

Vordel's flagship product, TalkXML™ enables companies to integrate business
applications securely over the Internet.

Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices
in Boston, MA and London, England.

Institutional investors in Vordel include DrKW, Elderstreet VC, ICC Venture
Capital, the Intel IA64 fund, and the Powerscourt Fund.

Additional information about Vordel is available at www.vordel.com

Vordel Press Contact:
Hugh Carroll
T: +353 1 215 3333
E: press-info@vordel.com

Note: If this e-mail does not relate to Vordel's business it is neither from nor
authorized by Vordel.

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