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Subject: [announce] BBC Monitoring selects CSW Online to provide new XML-basedportal solution

For immediate release:

BBC Monitoring selects CSW Online to provide new XML-based portal solution
CSW Online is proud to announce that following successful completion of our
initial document management project at BBC Monitoring, CSW has won a further
tender to provide a full portal solution. The new portal will provide access
to a wider range of products that are offered by BBC Monitoring - providing
a more complete service to their users with a flexible, single entry point,
through one secure log-on page. The solution is due to go live early in the
New Year.

BBC Monitoring gathers information from the international mass media -
Internet, radio, TV, press and news agency sources in over 150 countries and
in over 100 languages. This unique service provides authoritative up-to-the
minute coverage of political and economic and other news, for use by British
government departments, the BBC and other external customers. Reports can be
tailored to suit the user and are delivered electronically, or accessed by
subscribers from a searchable database. The provision of a portal solution
that has the ability to provide individuals and users with the right
information in an efficient and cost-effective manner, is critical to the
core business objectives of BBC Monitoring.

The new portal developed by CSW Online will offer BBC Monitoring the
following benefits:

* Search and navigational efficiency
* Integrated functionality and multi-device support - Allowing the portal
software to interact with other applications, PDF files, emails and WAP.
* A single access point - Enabling users access to multiple systems and
greater information sources through a single log-in.
* Content management and version control - Tailored to the individual user.
* Dynamic taxonomy - Allowing information to be updated immediately and
through the speed of the portal software, the changes can be seen instantly.
* LDAP security - Enabling users to be authenticated and allowing levels of
system access to be defined.
* Meta-searching - Providing the ability to search many different sources in
one simple step.
* Audit reporting - Enabling BBC Monitoring to monitor and analyse usage.

"BBC Monitoring looks to CSW's portal solution to provide a single point of
entry to our electronic output and a platform on which to develop new
multimedia products to meet the fast evolving needs of our customers,” says
Brian Rotheray, Managing Editor at BBC Monitoring.

The use of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) enables BBC Monitoring to
share and re-use information across all departments or services within the
enterprise and with external users such as governments and other media
organisations. CSW’s XML-based portal solution will provide BBC Monitoring
with a streamlined system for managing and maintaining information with
additional functionality and benefits to their external users.


About CSW Online Ltd
CSW Online enables our customers to create, manage and deliver information
using open standards, such as XML and web technology. Focusing on the
development and support of innovative, quality assured applications, our
mission is to provide complete end-to-end business solutions to enable our
customer's business to grow, and to become more efficient through the use of
future-proof technology.

Through partnerships with leading technology companies, and our depth of
application development experience, we provide our customers with high
quality e-business applications. These include: e-market enablement, digital
asset management/e-commerce, lifecycle information management, knowledge and
content management. For further information, please visit

About BBC Monitoring
BBC Monitoring covers reports from radio, television, news agencies, press
and new media in over 150 countries, in over 100 languages, providing a
distinctive foreign news and information service from open sources. Our
expertise is in the selection of news and information, its translation into
English and its management and delivery.

BBC Monitoring are valued suppliers of information to British government
departments. Other subscribers include media organisations, universities,
governments, embassies, multinational companies and charities around the
world.  For further information, please visit http://www.monitor.bbc.co.uk

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