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Subject: [announce] FW: OASIS Member News: Vordel address challenges insecuring Web services in free online Webcast series

Vordel address challenges in securing Web services in free online Webcast series

21 November, 2001, Dublin, Ireland – Vordel, the Web services security company,
today announced the availability of a free online seminar series addressing the
challenges in securing Web services. The series features presentations from such
firms as PricewaterhouseCoopers, BEA, beTRUSTed, Intel, OASIS, Software AG, GNS,
and Orbism.

The “Web Services Security” seminar series will examine Web services and the
issues surrounding successful deployment. The series will address the primary
concerns hindering the widespread adoption of Web services, including security,
traceability and performance. Companies will learn from the series how they can
best exploit Web services to confidently expose business services and processes
to their partners and clients.

Registrants will obtain free access to an industry-wide range of speakers’
commercial and technical insights into Web services, and the issues that
surround them. There is also opportunity for open dialogue with guest speakers.
Learn how the deployment of Web services can raise the bottom line, and increase
return in investments in your organization.

Gain valuable insights into Web services, what they are, and what they will mean
for your business from speakers including:

John Garvey, COO, PwC
Geoffrey Grabow, Chief Science Officer, beTRUSTed
Sam Zuverl, Solutions Marketing Manager, Software AG
Alan J. Holzman, Investment Architect, Intel
Ed Simon, CEO XMLSec, co-author of XML security standards
Karl Best, Director of Technology, OASIS
Mark Baten-Carew, Director of Technology, GNS
Paul Tunney, CTO, Orbism
Nick Gregg, Consultant - former Software Equity Analyst with DrKW, DLJ and HSBC

The webcasts will run from November 26 through to February 2002.
Registration is simple and quick at http://vordel.raindance.com.

About Vordel
Vordel, the Web services security company, develops products that provide
security, auditability, integration and performance for business transactions
over the Internet.

Vordel's flagship product, TalkXML™ enables companies to integrate business
applications and systems securely over the Internet, ultimately allowing them
run their businesses more efficiently.

Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices
in Boston, MA and London, England.

Institutional investors in Vordel include DrKW, Elderstreet VC, ICC Venture
Capital, the Intel IA64 fund, and the Powerscourt Fund.

Additional information about Vordel is available at www.vordel.com

Vordel Press Contact:
Hugh Carroll
T: +353 1 215 3333
E: press-info@vordel.com

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