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Subject: [announce] XML.org Networking Gathering at XML 2001 Conference onDecember 13

XML community,

During the XML 2001 Conference in Orlando, Florida, OASIS's XML.org will
host a networking and XML.org update meeting on Thursday December 13th from
5:30pm to 7:00pm in the ASIA I meeting room.

This gathering will be an excellent opportunity to a) interact with XML.org
Advisory committee members, staff and sponsors, b) help determine how you
and/or your company can get involved with XML.org, c) establish how you can
become an XML.org in Industry content leader, expert, group facilitator,
contributor and gatekeeper by Industry section, d) hear about the XML.org
focus group survey results, and e) learn about the accomplishments of 2001
and the improvements/enhancements for 2002.

If you are attending the conference, we hope you can stop by.

Leo Kraunelis
General Manager, XML.org
Director of Business Development, OASIS
Phone:   978-667-5115 #203
Cell:       978-239-3157
e-Mail:    leo.kraunelis@xml.org

XML.org's mission is to accelerate the global utilization and adoption of
XML and to foster global convergence and collaboration within the XML
community.  Our corporate sponsors are: IBM, SAP, ORACLE, Software AG,
Documentum, SoftQuad, Altova, GE Global eXchange Services, IONA, and

XML.org, part of the OASIS family of services, provides the XML community
with an unbiased forum and clearinghouse where developers, technologist,
business people, standard groups and companies can publicly submit, publish
and exchange information, specifications, DTDs, schemas, resources, news,
events, white papers, etc. relating to XML and XML-based services.  By
providing the XML community with a non-commercial resource for XML
information, XML.org serves as an essential piece of the XML infrastructure
and community.  From its inception, XML.org has been a consensus-based
effort to ensure interoperability with existing and emerging XML
initiatives.  Our overriding mission is to accelerate the global utilization
and adoption of XML by providing an open and not-for-profit XML industry
portal that brings together all members of the XML community-at large.

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