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Subject: [announce] OASIS MEMBER NEWS: ebXML Messaging Interoperability PilotGarners Cross Industry Support


Initiative draws support from Global Retail and Automotive Industries

Austin, TX. November 27, 2001.  Drummond Group Inc. (DGI), a leading 
interoperability conformance consultancy, officially announced the launch 
of the ebXML Messaging Interoperability pilot.  The goal of the pilot, 
slated to run from October 2001 through February 2002, is to demonstrate 
the exchange of ebXML Messaging and to produce the first group of 
interoperable off-the-shelf products for these supporting industry 
groups  Global Commerce Initiative and the Standards for Technology in 
Automotive Retail.

Pilot participants include these leading software vendors  bTrade, inc., 
Cyclone Commerce, Sterling Commerce and Sybase.  The pilot uses the DGI 
Interoperability Conformance Process and is part of the Uniform Code 
Council s (UCC) Interoperability Conformance Testing Program.  Mike DiYeso, 
the Chief Operating Officer of the UCC said, "In order to compete locally 
or globally, trading partners must communicate in a clear and common 
business language. It is crucial that the e-business software solutions 
that facilitate this communication have the same ability. That is why the 
UCC is sponsoring this important series of tests. The ebXML messaging pilot 
and the subsequent tests will ensure that different software offerings can 
seamlessly work in concert under real world conditions. This 
interoperability will eliminate costly communication obstacles and enable 
all trading partners to conduct business more efficiently."
Rik Drummond, Drummond Group Inc. CEO, says, Interoperability in this 
messaging layer is critical to ensure that all other ebXML components and 
other industry standards that have endorsed ebXML Messaging, such the Open 
Applications Group, can also be successful.  It is vital that these efforts 
span cross industries for broader adoption of the specification. Our 
experience in EDI over the Internet messaging has shown that user driven 
interoperability testing is critical to adoption of the standard. DGI is 
excited to set this in motion for ebXML.

Benefits of Interoperability
The Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) organization, 
comprised of companies supporting retail automotive operations, expects to 
deploy ebXML products that will support their XML messaging needs. We 
anticipate vendor implementations of ebXML Messaging Services to be 
interoperable, said Vic Zappia, STAR Chairman, "...and for vendors to 
demonstrate interoperability by subjecting their product to a formal test 
regimen.  Successful completion of the ebXML Messaging Interoperability 
Pilot is an example of what vendors should have accomplished when offering 
their solution to STAR members.
The Global Commerce Initiative (GCI), an organization comprising 40 of the 
world s leading retailers and manufacturers, has also endorsed the ebXML 
Messaging standard.  It is our principle within the Global Commerce 
Initiative to test the standards and recommendations we are endorsing, 
states Peter Jordan, Director IS Strategic Projects Kraft Foods 
International, Member of the GCI Executive Board and Co-Chair of the 
Business Process Group. Our XML pilots have clearly shown that messaging 
systems were not interoperable and this pilot is a big step forward in 
providing this missing bridge.

Earlier this year, RosettaNet, the high technology industry s leading 
e-business consortium, announced that future releases of RosettaNet s 
Implementation Framework (RNIF), which serves as a guide for e-business 
process development and implementation, will include support for the ebXML 
Messaging Service Specification.  While RosettaNet remains committed to 
developing business process standards required to support the complex needs 
of the high tech industry, we also want to realize interoperability across 
all supply chains.  To that end, we see tremendous value in ensuring our 
vertical supply chain standards are supported by a horizontal, universally 
accepted messaging service, such as the one developed under the ebXML 
initiative, said Jennifer Hamilton, RosettaNet CEO.
About ebXML Messaging
ebXML Messaging specifically focuses on the means to transmit a document 
(payload) from one party to another, possibly via intermediaries. This 
protocol standardizes the way B2B transactions are transmitted among all 
sizes of companies from the Large Enterprise (LE) to the Small & Medium 
Enterprise (SME).  ebXML Messaging does not define the business processes 
or the content of the messages being sent. ebXML Messaging only concerns 
itself with the secure and reliable transmission of the payload.

Pilot Background
This pilot is planned in three phases of testing.

The current pilot (Phase One) will test the messaging and security issues 
of ebXML.  Use cases from Global Retail and Automotive Retail industries 
have been used to build the test plans to ensure the developing products 
are in line with industry needs.  All lessons learned are being fed back 
into the OASIS ebXML Messaging Workgroup and the OASIS Interoperability and 
Conformance Workgroup to incorporate in future versions of the specification.

Subsequent pilots, in 2002 (Phase Two) and 2003 (Phase Three) are planned 
which will test additional layers of the ebXML specification along with the 
ebXML messaging layer.  For more information related to this initiative, 
please contact Beth Morrow, Beth@drummondgroup.com.

About Drummond Group Inc.                                 www.drummondgroup.com
Drummond Group Inc. works with software vendors, vertical industry and the 
standards community to drive adoption for standards by facilitating 
vertical industry pilots, interoperability conformance testing and building 
competitive supply chain strategies. Founded in 1990, the vendor-neutral 
group represents best-of-breed in the industry on linking horizontal 
infrastructure technologies, standards and interoperability issues with the 
needs of vertical industry such as retail, grocery, healthcare, 
transportation, government and automotive.

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