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Subject: [announce] OASIS RELAX NG TC Completes Lightweight XML LanguageValidation Spec

OASIS RELAX NG Technical Committee Completes Lightweight XML Language
Validation Specification

Boston, MA, USA; 3 December 2001--OASIS, the XML interoperability
consortium, released RELAX NG 1.0 as a Committee Specification for
validating XML-based languages. RELAX NG offers a complimentary
alternative to the W3C XML Schema Recommendation, providing an option
for developers who value ease-of-use and a middle ground for those
adopting multiple schema languages. In support of the new specification,
the OASIS technical committee also released the RELAX NG tutorial and
RELAX NG DTD compatibility.

"The key to RELAX NG's simplicity lies in the fact that it does not have
any mechanisms specific to particular XML applications. Instead, RELAX
NG concentrates on the syntax of XML documents. This opens RELAX NG to
as wide a variety of applications as XML itself," explained James Clark,
chair of the OASIS RELAX NG Technical Committee. Clark, who has
contributed to a wide body of open source software including Linux and
XML, is regarded as one of the most prolific developers in the field of
structured information standards.

"RELAX NG is an outstanding example of how convergence can benefit and
accelerate the development of standards," said Karl Best, director of
technical operations for OASIS. "RELAX NG combines what were once two
overlapping specifications--TREX (Tree Regular Expressions for XML) and
RELAX (REgular LAnguage description for XML). By bringing these two
efforts together, OASIS succeeded in avoiding duplication, confusion and
fragmentation. The consolidation resulted in a better use of resources
and a faster delivery time for RELAX NG."

Clark agreed, "I am very pleased with how the OASIS standards process
has worked. The technical committee has completed the specification in a
timely way; it has produced a high-quality specification which
substantially improves on the languages that were the basis for RELAX NG
(TREX and RELAX) without being more complicated."

"Wide adoption of RELAX NG will have a very positive impact on the
progress of XML," predicted MURATA Makoto of Japan's Information
Technology Research and Standardization Centre (INSTAC), one of the
original developers of RELAX.  "RELAX NG's simplicity and consistency
enable the creation of data binding tools, which significantly ease
programming in modern object-oriented languages such as Java and C#.
RELAX NG is particularly attractive for those users who want to minimize
the learning cost of schema languages while taking advantage of
free-and-reliable validators."

Publication of XML 1.0 and RELAX NG as JIS (Japanese Industrial
Standards) is under consideration, and INSTAC plans to prepare the

OASIS (www.oasis-open.org) is the XML interoperability consortium,
advancing collaboration, convergence and adoption of open specifications
for structured information exchange. Members themselves set the OASIS
technical agenda, using a lightweight, open process expressly designed
to promote industry consensus and unite disparate efforts. OASIS is the
home for XML conformance, web services, security, business transactions,
electronic publishing, topic maps and other interoperability
specifications development.

OASIS and the United Nations jointly sponsor ebXML, a global framework
for electronic business data exchange. OASIS operates XML.org, a
community clearinghouse for XML application schemas, vocabularies and
related documents. OASIS hosts The XML Cover Pages, an online reference
collection for interoperable markup language standards.

OASIS has more than 400 corporate and individual members in 100
countries around the world. OASIS sponsors include Accenture, Access360,
Adobe Systems, Agital, Altova, Arbortext, Auto-trol, Aventail, Baltimore
Technologies, BEA Systems, Bentley Systems, BetweenMarkets, The Boeing
Company, Bowstreet, Business Layers, Business Logic Corporation,
Chrystal Software, Cincom Systems, Citrix Systems, Cohesia, Commerce
One, Critical Path, CrossLogix, Cyclone Commerce, DataChannel, Divine,
Documentum, EADS Airbus SA, EDS, election.com, empolis, Engage, Enigma,
Epicentric, Excelergy, eXcelon, Extricity, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard,
IBM, Identrus, Infoteria, Innodata, Intel, Interwoven, IONA, IPNet
Solutions, ITEDO, Ivis Group, Jamcracker, Logistics Management
Institute, Macromedia, Mercator, Microsoft, Neocore, Netegrity,
Netscape/AOL, NextPage, NII Enterprise Promotion Association, Nimble
Technology, NIST, Novell, Oblix, OpenNetwork Technologies, Oracle,
Pearson Education, Popkin Software, Reed Elsevier, Republica, Reuters
Limited, SAA Consultants, Sabre, SAP, Securant, SeeBeyond, Silverstream,
SoftQuad Software, Software AG, Sonic Software, Sterling Commerce,
StreamServe, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tata Consultancy Services, The
Tamalpais Group, Thomas Technology Solutions, Tibco, Unisys, US Defense
Information Systems Agency, Verticalnet, Virtual Access Networks,
Vitria, webMethods, Whitehill Technologies, Xerox, XML Global and
Xyvision Enterprise Solutions.

For more information:
Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209

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