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Subject: [announce] Bowstreet supports IBM's open-source Workbench toolframework

Bowstreet supports IBM's open-source Workbench tool framework for 
integrating multivendor developer tools 

Bowstreet to integrate Business Web Factory with IBM's WebSphere Studio 
Workbench, empowering developers with dynamic web services assembly 

PORTSMOUTH, NH, December 3, 2001 - Bowstreet (www.bowstreet.com), a web 
services platform company, today announced it will support the IBM (NYSE: 
IBM) WebSphere(TM) Studio Workbench framework for multivendor developer
tools. Bowstreet also applauds Eclipse, an open source initiative with
similar aim that will manage the Workbench code. 

Bowstreet has a strong record of supporting open source initiatives.
Bowstreet has supported the Universal Description, Discovery, and
Integration (UDDI) specification for finding web services since UDDI's
inception. As further demonstration of its open-source commitment, Bowstreet
intends to offer jUDDI, a Java-based toolkit for developers to make their
applications UDDI-ready, to Eclipse. 

Bowstreet will seamlessly integrate the Bowstreet(TM) Business Web Factory's
Designer tool with Workbench in the second quarter of 2002. This integration
extends Workbench by making it easy for developers to create highly
customized applications that harness assets built with any other Workbench
tool. With the Designer, developers build models that dynamically assemble
web services and other software components into families of unique composite
web applications for individual customers, partners and suppliers. 

"We are pleased that Bowstreet has selected IBM WebSphere software as the 
foundation for their Business Web Factory's Designer tool," said Steve 
Mills, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Software Group. "The
industry continues to demand total solutions for building faster and better
e-business applications. By enabling the Business Web Factory Designer tool
to work with IBM's WebSphere Studio Workbench, Bowstreet is helping
businesses build sophisticated e-business solutions." 

The Bowstreet, Workbench, Eclipse relationship
The IBM WebSphere Studio Workbench is a framework that enables developers 
to aggregate in a single integrated development environment (IDE) all of the
necessary tools for application development optimized for the IBM WebSphere
Application Server. Rather than importing and exporting objects from tool to
tool to add functionality, developers need only move between Workbench tool
panels. IBM has donated Workbench to Eclipse, a new independent open source
community to create an open, extensible IDE serving as a "universal tool
platform." Workbench and Eclipse change the dynamics of application
development, since their plug-in integration encourages team-oriented
development and provides support for a broad range of developers. 

"As a leader in web services, Bowstreet supports Workbench, Eclipse and the
open source movement in general as an important way to continually improve
enterprise software developer productivity and e-business," said Bowstreet
Chairman and Co-Founder Frank Moss. "We are confident this powerful toolset
will please our many developers who prefer the IBM platform, and we look
forward to making future contributions to the community." 

This announcement deepens Bowstreet's relationship with IBM and builds on 
an announcement last month that Bowstreet will integrate its Business Web 
Factory with IBM's WebSphere Application Server. 

About Bowstreet 
Bowstreet, a web services platform company, is pioneering the generation of
applications for the Internet. The Bowstreet(TM) Business Web Factory is a
web services development and assembly platform that automates the creation
and maintenance of complex web applications on demand. The Business Web
Factory enables Fortune 500 enterprises to form dynamic, distributed
networks that leverage the strengths of the entire value chain while
providing rich, streamlined web experiences for their employees, partners
and customers. More information can be found at www.bowstreet.com or by
calling 603-559-1900. 

# # # 

Bowstreet is a trademark of Bowstreet, Inc.   WebSphere is a trademark or 
registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.  All 
other company names and product names may be trademarks or registered 
trademarks of their respective companies or owners. 


Ann Kelly

Tim Munroe
Beaupre and Co. Public Relations

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