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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: SoftQuad Simplifies Enterprise Adoptionof XML with XMetaL 3

SoftQuad Simplifies Enterprise Adoption of XML with XMetaL 3

New version includes support for XML Schema, advances in ease-of-use and 
collaboration, and powerful development tools

ORLANDO, FL - XML 2001 Conference, December 11, 2001 - SoftQuad Software, 
Ltd. (OTC BB: SXML), an internationally recognized developer of 
XML-enabling technologies and solutions for e-business, today announced 
XMetaL 3, a major upgrade to its award-winning XML content creation 
software. The new version features innovative ease-of-use and collaboration 
capabilities for content authors and provides developers with the first XML 
editor with a rich development environment that supports the W3C (Worldwide 
Web Consortium) XML Schema. XMetaL 3 simplifies the creation of reusable 
business content, making it possible for businesses to rapidly streamline 
the process of distributing information to the Web, print and other media.

“XML is the unifying business language that enables companies to maximize 
the value of their intellectual capital and dramatically reduce content 
delivery costs,” said Roberto Drassinower, SoftQuad’s CEO. “XMetaL 3 
demonstrates our steadfast commitment to product and industry leadership. 
We’ve brought together the elements needed for successful enterprise 
deployment, including proven XML technology, seamless integration with 
leading content management systems, such as Documentum and Interwoven, and 
professional services through SoftQuad and our strong partner network.”

Consultants from Avanade Inc., the leading technology integrator for 
Microsoft solutions in the enterprise, have been usingthe XMetaL 3betain 
customer engagements. “We’ve been really pleased with XMetaL 3," said 
Mariano Delle Donne, a solution developer in Avanade’s U.S. West region. 
“In particular, our teams appreciate the XML Schema support, which is 
becoming an industry-wide standard.”

Over 2,000 companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, USAToday.com, KBC Bank, 
Honeywell, Continental Airlines, Ford Europe, GE Medical Systems, 
Amazon.com and National Semiconductor have chosen XMetaL for XML content 

Support for Industry Standard XML Schema
XMetaL 3 is the first customizable XML editor with a rich development 
environment to support XML Schema, an essential standard developed by the 
W3C to define common languages for specific business applications. XML 
Schema enables companies to exchange information seamlessly with partners, 
customers, and suppliers.

An example of broad industry support for XML Schema is the financial 
services industry’s Research Information Exchange Markup Language, or 
RIXML.  Created by a consortium of investment and financial research firms, 
including American Express Financial, UBS Warburg, Fidelity Investments, 
Merrill Lynch, and others, RIXML makes it easier to categorize, aggregate, 
compare, sort, and distribute financial research.  "The use of XML and its 
standards are critical to financial service provider key initiatives," said 
Mary Knox, senior analyst at Gartner, Inc. "Failure to begin XML adoption 
now will result in severe competitive disadvantage because of the inability 
to rapidly convert systems and products to XML.”

Simplified Content Creation and Collaboration for End Users
XMetaL 3 also includes new features and capabilities that make it easier 
for customers to deploy solutions that hide the complexity of XML from 
users during the content creation process. New features include:

·       Revision Marking.  Integrated revision marking enables groups of 
authors and editors to collaborate on documents and track changes, speeding 
the creation and approval of XML content.

·       Preview in HTML and PDF.  Users can preview documents before 
publishing or save them in these formats for distribution and review.

·       Enhanced integration with Microsoft Office.  Legacy content can now 
be easily transformed from Word and Excel, as well as other formats, to XML 

·       Workgroup document sharing.  Support for the WebDAV standard 
provides a lightweight approach to workgroup document sharing.

·       Enterprise document sharing.  Modules providing seamless 
integration with Documentum, Interwoven and other leading content 
management systems, introduced with XMetaL 2.1, are available for XMetaL 3.

Powerful New Development Features
XMetaL 3 is a validating XML editor within an open and scriptable 
development environment that allows developers to use common Web 
development and programming skills to create integrated XML content 
applications. With an extensive COM and JAVA API comprising over 300 
interfaces, support for DOM, CSS, XSL and standard scripting languages, 
XMetaL gives developers the power to control exactly how XML is displayed 
and entered by end users.

XMetaL 3’s new developer features include:

·       XMetaL Forms Toolkit.  A powerful integrated drag-and-drop 
development environment for creating inline forms and dialog boxes to 
easily capture end-user input. Radio buttons, check boxes, fields, and more 
can be mapped to XML elements, bound to back-end databases or used to run 

·       Java API. XMetaL’s extensive API allows organizations that have 
standardized on Java to access XMetaL directly, without using a COM wrapper.

·       Support for both W3C Schema and DTDs.  Content solutions can be 
developed using either XML Schema or DTDs, or can be migrated from DTDs to 
Schema, without interrupting business logic, data integrity or processes.

XMetaL 3 will be available in January 2002. New users can purchase XMetaL 3 
for $495 (U.S.) per single user license; an upgrade is $195 (U.S.). XMetaL 
is sold directly and through authorized resellers. Volume discounts, site 
licenses, partner programs and on-site training are all available.

About SoftQuad Software, Ltd.
SoftQuad Software, Ltd. (OTC BB: SXML) is an internationally recognized 
developer of XML-enabling technologies and commerce solutions for 
e-business. A founding member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the 
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards 
(OASIS) and XML.org, SoftQuad has been instrumental in shaping and 
developing both the standards and technologies that are changing the way 
companies exchange information and do business over the Web.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with U.S. offices in Seattle and San 
Francisco, and European operations based in London, England, SoftQuad was 
first to market with an advanced, yet easy-to-use XML content creation 
solution, XMetaL. It has become the premier enabling technology for 
XML-based content applications in electronic publishing, e-commerce and 
knowledge management. For more information, visit SoftQuad’s Web site at 

SoftQuad and XMetaL are registered trademarks of SoftQuad Software, Ltd. 
All other products or company names mentioned are used for identification 
purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Caution Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
Forward-looking statements in this news release are made under the safe 
harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. 
Such statements are management's present expectation of future events. 
These forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and 
uncertainties that could cause actual results of operations to differ 
materially from historical results or current expectations. The words 
"anticipates", "estimates", "expects", "will", "should", "projects", 
"intends", "plans", "believes" and words of similar substance identify 
forward-looking statements. Risk factors for SoftQuad Software, Ltd. 
include, but are not limited to: shifts in demand for its products and 
services, lengthened sales and implementation cycles, competitive 
conditions, its ability to meet future capital requirements, protection of 
its intellectual property rights, the resolution of issues concerning 
commercial activities via the internet, reliance on strategic partners, 
risks related to international sales and potential foreign currency 
exchange fluctuations, its ability to attract and retain key personnel, and 
the successful completion of SoftQuad's proposed merger with Corel 
Corporation.  For a more complete discussion of risks and uncertainties, 
refer to SoftQuad's most recent reports filed with the U.S. Securities and 
Exchange Commission and other regulatory authorities.  The factors 
underlying projections or forecasts are susceptible to uncertainty and 
subject to change.  Therefore, projections and forecasts are valid as of 
the date they are made and do not necessarily reflect SoftQuad's outlook at 
any other point in time. SoftQuad does not undertake to update or review 
forward-looking statements.

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