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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: Bind Systems Announces Availability OfBusiness Process Driven Web Services Platform

Bind Systems Announces Availability Of Business Process Driven Web Services

ORLANDO, FL, December 11th, 2001 -- Bind Systems Ltd.,www.bindsys.com , the
leading Business Process Driven Web Services Platform vendor, announced the
availability of the BindPartner Platform at the XML Conference 2001 in
Orlando, Florida, today. The BindPartner platform delivers a business
centric environment for developing, executing and managing collaborative
business processes within and between organizations.

"Long running business processes within and across organizations require
stateful, choreographed business service management. BindPartner delivers
just that through a powerful and seamless marriage of Business Process
Management and Web services integration infrastructure," said Colm Caffrey,
CEO at Bind Systems.

"At Sodalia we see BindPartner as a powerful platform for the development of
process managed Web Services." commented Giovanni Cortese, Research &
Technology Area Manager at Sodalia. "We have successfully completed an
innovative proof of concept OSS Solution featuring IP connectivity trading,
making full use of the BindPartner platform."

The J2EE™ based BindPartner Platform supports leading Web services standards
including ebXML, WSDL, and SOAP, and provides business integration through
Java™, EJB, JAXM and JMS adapters.

"Bind Systems has been an early and visible supporter of ebXML. We believe
that products from vendors which support XML-based electronic business
standards enhance the protection of their customers existing and future IT
investment." commented Patrick Gannon, President and CEO of OASIS.

BindPartner is on display all this week at booth #IA-3 in the XML Conference
2001 in Orlando, Florida.

Pricing and Availability
The BindPartner Standard Edition will be commercially available during
January 2002. The product is currently undergoing beta testing at selected
sites. BindPartner is available on the Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.
BindPartner is priced at USD $495 per developer and USD $4,995 per CPU
runtime deployment. Contact sales@bindsys.com for further details.

About Sodalia
Sodalia (www.sodalia.com) is a leading supplier of OSS (Operational Support
Systems) solutions for the Telecoms Market.

About Bind Systems
Bind Systems provides Business Process Driven Web Services technology. The
electronic trading relationships enabled by this technology improve the
management, efficiency and cost of interactions within and between
organizations. The Company is privately held and is headquartered in Dublin,

CONTACT: For further information: Email: press@bindsys.com
Phone: +353 1 410 0668
Web: www.bindsys.com
Copyright (C) 2001 Bind Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.

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