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Subject: [announce] Delphion Joins Open Applications Group

Delphion Joins Open Applications Group

Delphion now positioned to deliver industry’s first intellectual asset
management solution
that supports leading standard for enterprise interoperability

CHICAGO – December 3, 2001 – Delphion Inc., a leading provider of software
and services for intellectual asset management, today announced it has
joined the Open Applications Group Inc., an industry-wide consortium that
serves as the world’s largest publisher of XML-based content for business
software interoperability. By joining OAGI, Delphion is now positioned to
deliver the market’s first IAM software solution that fully adheres to the
Open Applications Group Integration Specification. As a result, companies
gain the assurance that Delphion’s software will easily integrate with all
other enterprise applications that support the industry-leading OAGI

Enterprise interoperability is a critical requirement for IAM software
solutions. As companies seek to better create, use and manage their
intellectual assets, including patents and other intellectual property, they
must enable collaboration among various corporate groups, such as R&D, legal
counsel, product management and finance. Because of this, an IAM software
solution must work with disparate systems and applications across a company,
as well as those of its external service providers.

“With our membership in OAGI, Delphion is at the forefront in enabling
companies to implement an IAM software solution that can truly be called
enterprise-class,” said Nigel Davies, senior vice president of development
and operations for Delphion, and a vice chairman for OAGI. “Delphion’s IAM
software will integrate with other systems to streamline the flow of
information across multiple business areas, which is essential to maximize
the value companies derive from their intellectual assets.”

“Across the board, the members of OAGI are the leaders in their markets,”
said David Connelly, president and CEO of OAGI. “We are excited that
Delphion is spearheading the implementation of the OAGI standard in the
fast-growing market for IAM solutions.”

About OAGI
The Open Applications Group Inc. is a non-profit consortium focusing on best
practices and processes based on XML content for e-business and application
integration. It is the largest publisher of XML-based content for business
software interoperability in the world. OAGI members have over six years of
experience in building industry consensus for business software application
interoperability and have developed a repeatable process for quickly
developing high quality business content and XML representations of that
content. More information about OAGI is available at

About Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)
Intellectual asset management is the practice of transforming intellectual
property (such as patents) and other intangible assets (such as business
processes and employee know-how) into strategic corporate assets. IAM
generates value by enabling more effective technology licensing and lowering
intellectual property creation and maintenance costs. In addition, IAM can
generate value by helping create new uses for dormant intellectual property,
and by enabling a company to better align its R&D with strategic business

About Delphion Inc.
Delphion Inc. provides intellectual asset management software and services.
In 2000, the company was spun out of IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) and funded by
Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE). Delphion’s solutions are based on
technologies and best practices developed and implemented by IBM, a world
leader in intellectual asset management. Delphion is based in the Chicago
suburb of Lisle, Ill. The company’s main phone number is 630-799-0600, and
its website address is www.delphion.com.
# # #

Media and Analyst Contacts:
Rich Dobinski
Public Relations Manager
Delphion Inc.

Niki Larsen
Account Executive
Access Communications Inc.

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