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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: Global Business Processes to Benefitfrom Implementation of Multi-Industry Standards

				Contact:  Lori Kelman-Seely	
Drake Certivo, Inc.	
(949) 798-6069
lkelmanseely@certivo.net <mailto:lkelmanseely@certivo.net>

Global Business Processes to Benefit from Implementation of
Multi-Industry Standards 
Drake Certivo paves the road to global standardization through
education, certification, and compliance

Newport Beach, CA - (December 11, 2001) - New education on global
standards encompassing multiple industries is expected to provide the
foundation for the "global economy of the future," as more and more
companies around the world choose to standardize their business
processes.  Drake Certivo, Inc.- a standards education, certification,
and compliance provider in Newport Beach, CA - is predicting a direct
correlation between the corporate adoption of global standardization and
major inroads to come in global communications.   

"We know the fastest and most efficient way for companies to interact
with one another on a global basis is through the implementation of
industry standards," said company president Jamie Graham.  "The
standards education we provide - coupled with certification and
compliance - will enable companies to keep pace with changes in their
industry, and therefore go into the future confident that they're on the

Global standardization is expected to revolutionize the way business is
conducted in the future by streamlining eBusiness processes, improving
global interoperability, and insuring the secure - and more efficient -
transmission of electronic data between companies worldwide.    
"Once standardization firmly takes hold in multiple industries around
the world, the global economic climate will be remarkable.  Productivity
will be greatly enhanced - managers will finally free up to take a more
active role in strategic planning, and will be less involved in
day-to-day process implementations, added Graham."  

Drake Certivo academic products and services - marketed under the brand
Certivo TM - are rapidly setting the standard for multi-industry
standards-based education. The newly unveiled Certivo Interoperability
Standards Overview course is designed to introduce the concepts and
applications related to industry standards, data transport, secure data
transmission, and emerging eBusiness technologies.  The course is geared
toward managers who want to learn how to conduct their eBusiness
transactions more efficiently, and to expand their knowledge of
standardization within their industry.

About Drake Certivo, Inc.

Drake Certivo, Inc. is a global provider of education, certification,
and compliance services designed to help businesses optimize
productivity and promote uniform technical and business process
standards worldwide.  Drake Certivo is headquartered in Newport Beach,
CA, and is on the Web at www.certivo.net.

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