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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News:Leading computer security experts endorseVordel message of the need for security in Web services deployment

19 March 2002 - Boston, MA - Vordel, the Web services security
recently hosted a panel discussion of leading industry commentators at
RSA Security conference in San Jose. The consensus of opinion emerging
the assembled experts is that for Web services to be adopted as a
integration technology, the issues surrounding securing Web services
to be resolved.

Entitled "Web services, new paradigm, new efficiencies, new security
challenges" the panel of experts involved representatives from BEA,
IDC, and NetsEdge Research group. The panel recognized that Web
offer a whole new business value model for how to share processes
companies and that Vordel are making it more apparent how to provide
security for the Web Services world.

Charles Kolodgy, Research Manager for Internet Security at IDC stated,
a recent survey by IDG over 70% of respondents highlighted concern
security issues as the reason for not rolling out Web services."

"Security solutions will come from the specialist security companies.
Companies such as Vordel are providing the essential security that
will go
on top of what everybody else is doing in the Web services application
world", added Kolodgy.

A common theme of the discussion was that security is a business
not a developer problem and that Vordel enable companies to take
of the innovation of Web services by providing the peace of mind
that allow companies deploy Web services but not at the cost of losing

Reinforcing this theme was Senior Writer at eWeek, Mr. Dennis Fisher,
predicted  "security will be a big factor in determining the adoption
Web Services in 2002 and a big factor with security is whether it's
transparent and easy enough to use. IT and business managers alike do
want security to be a hurdle to adoption."

Mark O'Neill, CTO of Vordel, stated, "the computer security industry
to think about how you would go about attacking a Web service, and
protect against this happening".

He went on to say, "a new layer of security is required for Web
services, a
layer which sits above transport or session layer security and
examines the
XML data itself. This XML data may be security or authentication
information such as an XML Signature or a SAML Assertion, which must
processed against a security policy, or it may be a rogue Web Service
request designed to attack the Web service, in which case the Web
request must be blocked."

Concurring with the opinion that resolving the security issues was
fundamental to the successful roll out of Web services was Peter
Principal Analyst at NetsEdge Research.
He identified Vordel as an important provider in this space, stating;
"Until we solve the security problem at many layers companies will not
able to take advantage of the Internet infrastructure. Security is the
fundamental challenge to making it all work. Vordel is playing an
role at these different boundaries, enabling secure integration
heterogeneous systems."

About IDC
IDC is the world's leading provider of technology intelligence,
analysis, market data, and strategic and tactical guidance to
providers, and users of information technology.
IDC delivers dependable, high-impact insights and advice on the future
ebusiness, the Internet, and technology to help our clients make sound
business decisions. We forecast worldwide markets and trends and
business strategies, technologies, and vendors, using a combination of
rigorous primary research and in-depth competitive analysis. We
global research with local content through more than 720 analysts in
countries worldwide. IDC's customers comprise the world's leading IT
suppliers, IT organizations, ebusiness companies, and the financial

About NetsEdge
NetsEdge Research Group provides marketing and strategy research
and consulting services, specializing in areas related to Internet
infrastructure. NetsEdge offerings combine the formidable and unique
experience and perspective of the two principals: John Katsaros and
Christy. NRG's mission is to help major Internet technology vendors
market-leading startups make faster and better decisions about their
product, market entry, and market development strategies. NRG provides
technical product and market analyses, develops authoritative reports
specific markets, and creates white papers and other information
NRG's consulting practice helps companies develop successful market
and development strategies for new products in early adopter markets.

About Vordel
Vordel, the Web services security company, develops products that
security, auditability, integration, and performance for business
transactions over the Internet.
Vordel's flagship product, VordelSecure enables companies to integrate
business applications and systems securely over the Internet,
allowing them run their businesses more efficiently.
Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland
offices in Boston, MA and London, England.
Institutional investors in Vordel include DrKW, Elderstreet VC, ICC
Capital, the Intel IA64 fund, and the Powerscourt Capital Technology
Additional information about Vordel is available at www.vordel.com

Press Contact
Hugh Carroll
Tel: +353 1 215 3333
Email: press-info@vordel.com

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