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Subject: [announce] Vordel offers early access to XML Security product fornext-generation partner integration

Vordel offers early access to XML Security product for next-generation
partner integration

"One of first vendors to leverage the latest XML-based security
standards" - Burton Group

18 June, 2002 - Boston, MA and Dublin, Ireland - Vordel, the Web
services security company, today launched the Early Access
program, for the forthcoming release of its XML Security product,
VordelSecure 1.1

The VordelSecure Early Access Program will allow qualifying companies
to demonstrate and justify the use of Web services to themselves and
their partners, by addressing the security challenges presented by
their deployment.

VordelSecure 1.1 is the latest release of Vordel's solution to Web
services partner integration security issues, providing open-standards
authentication, accountability and authorization.

The program is applicable even to a trial Web services deployment, and
includes complimentary support from Vordel.

Norbert Mikula, Director of Web Services Technology at Intel
Corporation said; "XML Web Services provide opportunities for
corporations to introduce improved efficiencies and enhance return on
investment for software systems.

The resolution of the security and performance challenges being
addressed by Vordel are critical to the success of Web services. The
combination of Vordel's focus on security and the performance benefits
of Intel Itanium(r) processor based servers provide a great foundation
for Web services."

"Many organizations are planning to deploy Web services in order to
take advantage of the efficiencies enabled by XML-based integration,"
said Mark O'Neill, Vordel CTO. "For partner integration projects,
clients understand that the introduction of Web services presents a
security challenge. VordelSecure provides the first solution to
this security challenge - providing both access control (security
on identity validation) and content-filtering (security based on data

"Vordel is one of the first vendors to leverage the latest generation
of XML-based security standards, providing the framework for enabling
secure Web services," said Phil Schacter, Director Network Strategy
Service at Burton group.

"Companies need a trusted platform and standards-based infrastructure
to deliver business services over the Web."

"Vordel supports these new XML security specifications in
including SOAP, SAML and WS-Security as well as more established
security technologies such as digital certificates and SSL," continued

"This ensures that the user base of an XML Web service is not limited
to the users of one security technology, while not compromising on

Derek O'Carroll, CEO of Vordel went on to say that "the Early
Access program allows these companies to use VordelSecure for Web
services security, in order to demonstrate that the use of Web
is indeed a viable proposition".

"Web services technology providers, in conjunction with security
provided by Vordel, have significant advantages over leased lines or
VPNs, in terms of ease of deployment and cost." continued O'Carroll.

"Vordel's Early Access Program will mean that security does not need
be left as a 'last-minute' decision."

If you are interested in joining the Vordel Early Access Program,
please contact eap@vordel.com for an assessment. More information is
available at http://www.vordel.com/products/eap

About Vordel

Vordel is the Web services security company developing products that
provide security, accountability, integration and performance for
business transactions over the Internet.  VordelSecure, for XML
enables companies to integrate business applications securely
over the Web. Vordel is a privately held company headquartered in
Ireland with offices in Boston, USA and London, UK.  Institutional
investors in Vordel include Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein,
Elderstreet VC, ICC Venture Capital, the Intel 64 fund, and the
Powerscourt Capital Technology Fund.

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