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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: Certivo Unveils New Self-Paced,Online XML Courses for Professionals

Contact: Cathy M. Subatch	
Drake Certivo, Inc.
(949) 978-6006

Certivo Unveils New Self-Paced, Online XML Courses for Professionals
Only XML courses approved by the Uniform Code Council 

Newport Beach, CA - (June 24, 2002) - Professionals can now work at
their own pace to learn about EAN.UCC XML Standards through online
education jointly developed by Drake Certivo, Inc. of Newport Beach, CA
and the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC).  The three course components
to EAN.UCC XML Fundamentals (Parts I, II, and III) just released by
Certivo are designed to provide different levels of education in EAN.UCC
XML, and are the only XML courses based on the globally recognized
EAN.UCC XML Schemas. 

"With the Uniform Code Council behind the Certivo brand of educational
offerings, professionals all over the world will know to look for the
UCC and Certivo brands for 'standardized' global XML education," said
Jamie Graham president of Drake Certivo, Inc.  "This partnership and
co-branding will ensure that the EAN.UCC XML Fundamentals education
offered from country to country is consistent and presented in a uniform
manner, which is key to the successful adoption and implementation of
standards worldwide."

The individual course components help professionals to understand the
importance of standards (Part I), the architectures and business
benefits that help to support business processes (Part II), and delivers
in-depth technical training on the use of EAN.UCC XML Schemas (Part
III).  All of the modules consist of presentation materials, interactive
exercises, and code examples.  Optional hands-on learning labs are also
available in Part II and Part III.  The completion of all three parts of
the EAN.UCC XML Fundamentals course prepares students for a
certification exam.  The certification exam, available in August, tests
the ability to apply the course material to a real-world environment,
and enables professionals to become more marketable.  

The course components are accessible online at
http://elearning.certivo.net/ucc or via Certivo Cubed, a unique online
delivery mechanism recently unveiled by Certivo. Certivo Cubed provides
a software platform for immediate course delivery to any local business
environment worldwide.

XML - eXtensible Mark-Up Language - is a universal technical language
that enables companies of any size, and in any location worldwide, to
electronically communicate and interact with one another in the same
way.  All of the EAN.UCC XML Schemas covered are based on business
process models.  Drake Certivo is working with multiple global standards
bodies - including the UCC - to promote the adoption and implementation
of business standards to facilitate expedited eBusiness transactions
between companies around the world.   

"These courses provide the education cornerstone that will drive the
rapid adoption of XML standards so that companies worldwide can harness
the full power of the Internet in their eBusiness activities," said
Peter Alvarez, Senior Director, Products & Services for the UCC.
"Universal acceptance of XML will create a common global language of
eBusiness. It will enable companies to more effectively communicate with
their trading partners, streamline business processes, and reduce costs
throughout the entire supply chain."

You can see Certivo, and a demonstration of the courses, in Booth 839 at
Retail Systems 2002, in the McCormick Center in Chicago on June 25 - 27.

About Drake Certivo, Inc.

Drake Certivo, Inc. is a global provider of education, certification,
compliance, and services designed to help businesses optimize
productivity and promote uniform technical and business process
standards worldwide.  Drake Certivo is headquartered in Newport Beach,
CA, and is on the Web at www.certivo.net.


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