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Subject: [announce] OASIS Member News: Moravia Supports OASIS Web Services TC


Creating Industry Standards for Information Exchange

Dublin, Ireland, 04th February 2003

Moravia, a leading provider of localization and testing solutions, today
announced its participation and support for the recently formed OASIS
technical committee (TC) on Web Services Standards for Translation. Milan
Karasek and Mirek Driml, Moravia's Globalization Specialists are members of
the TC and will participate actively in the definition of the Standards.
This OASIS TC aims to develop standards, which will provide a common
framework for both publisher and vendor, enabling more automation of the
translation and localization process.

"To achieve full-scale global eBusiness, we must overcome the challenge of
enabling multi-lingual business transactions over the Internet. A critical
first step is the widespread buy-in, support, and adoption of translation
and localization standards," explained Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of
OASIS. "Moravia's participation in advancing the localization process
standards within OASIS will help us build the infrastructure necessary for
global electronic business."

The Web Services Standards can be described as the backbone to a workflow
interface, using standardized metadata to enable information flow. To date
there is no one single standard for information flow; companies use a
combination of email, FTP and the Web for data transfer and communication.
Now, we see a change in requirements, where users would like to store and
transfer all information and data from one central application. With the Web
Services Standard, a standard interface between publishers and vendors will
be defined, enabling online communication and data transfer. Publishers can
automate their selection process by checking rates and services of vendors,
before allocating a project.

The result of the TC Standards will be a series of tModels one for each
business process, clarifying the Web service interface (similar to DTD in
XML). The tModels will define which services will be offered under Web
Services and what format, names and parameters the functions of this
interface will have. The actual implementation of the interface will be the
responsibility of the user.

Moravia believes in working with the industry to create and improve industry
processes, helping to advance new technologies and promoting open Standards.
Working together with industry leaders and industry organizations, gives TC
members the opportunity to learn from one another's strengths and to combine
knowledge and know-how to create workable non-proprietary Standards not only
for web information flow, but also other TCs such as the XLIFF (XML
Localization Interchange File Format) group. The definition of industry
Standards will benefit both publishers and vendors, providing a platform for
development of additional unified systems. 

About Moravia IT
Moravia IT is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies
in the information technology, e-learning, life sciences and financial
industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products.
Moravia's solutions include localization and product testing services,
internationalization, multilingual publishing and technical translation.
Industry leaders rely on Moravia IT for accurate, on-time and economical
localization. With global headquarters in Brno, the Czech Republic, Moravia
has local offices in Ireland, Europe and the United States. To learn more,
please visit www.moravia-it.com. 

Sharon Austin, Moravia IT
Marketing Manager

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