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Subject: [announce] The Current Global Corporate Climate: LISA Summit March 3-6

USA: Wendy Carroll (559.266.6254) Wendy@smp-m.com
Europe: Alison Rowles (41.21.807.1675) Alison@smp-m.com

Foster City, Ca - Crowne Plaza Hotel
March 3-6, 2003

Conference Helps Companies Build Global Business - Increase ROI 
GENEVA. SWITZERLAND/February 4, 2003 - Seeking the rewards of true
success in the international marketplace, companies from around the
world will meet at the Localization Industry Standard Association's
(LISA) Global Strategies Summit being held March 3-6 in the San
Francisco Bay Area. Staging their 45th International Conference, LISA's
agenda for this four-day seminar is aggressive and multi-faceted,
focusing on the benefits of doing business globally and how the use of
established industry standards can dramatically increase a company's
bottom line.

Responding to the realities (and questions) of today's global
marketplace, opening day of LISA's Global Strategies Summit (Tuesday,
March 4) is packed with timely and important presentations. With a nod
to perfect product placement, the morning's lead speaker, Jean-Louis
Gassee of Allegis Capital and former President of Apple Products
Division says, "Silicon Valley continues to be the melting pot's melting
pot. What better place to discuss real globalization and localization
issues?" Gassee will speak on the lessons of executing global business
and how these should be responsibly communicated to the world. 

Calling on the best and the brightest minds in business, LISA's Global
Strategies Summit will focus on the needs of clients in a climate
increasingly driven by the Internet. Speakers will represent leading
companies such as Cisco, IBM, HP, Oracle, Avaya, Isogen International,
Star, RWS Group and other key players in the business of globalization,
internationalization, localization and translation. In a lecture and
workshop format, attendees will learn how successful companies are
making global commerce a priority while integrating business practices
across their organizations to the benefit of their partners, suppliers
and customers. 

Among the highlights of the summit:

-     Evaluating Globalization Management Systems
      . What are they, What should they be, How they compare
-     Beyond the Web
      . Delivering Multilingual Content within the Enterprise
-     Web Services Standards and Internationalization
      . The Impact on Global Business
-     Globalize Customer Support - Expand your Markets and Revenue
-     Government and Education Initiatives for Language, Business,

Other key sessions of opening day include keynote speaker Mark Davis,
President of Unicode, Chief Globalization Architect at IBM
(Globalization: Resistance is Futile) and a moderated panel speaking to
Homeland Security and Language Technologies. Participants will include
Lyra Spratt-Manning, CEO of the RWS Group, Glenn H. Nordin, Assistant
Director (Language), US Department of Defense and representatives from
the FBI, National Foreign Language Center, GAO (United States General
Accounting Office) and Basis Technology. 

A Language Technology and Automated Workflow and Service Exhibition will
run concurrently with seminars and speakers providing access to the
latest tools from content creation through to web-services solutions.   
Attracting over 200 decision makers and key suppliers from throughout
the world, the Global Strategies Summit will provide a focused view of
the state of the localization industry and how it can translate to
profit for its international players.  

Founded in 1990 and comprised of more than 200 clients and their service
partners, LISA is the oldest and most respected non-profit organization
devoted to the globalization, internationalization, localization, and
translation (GILT) business. Annually LISA holds a series of
globalization conferences and localization workshops in European, Asian
and American venues - to review business trends and help establish
standards for language technologies and tools. LISA provides companies
with the best practices and business guidelines making successful
international business and enterprise globalization a reality.

For an in-depth view of the agenda, speaker's resumes, travel
arrangements and activities related to LISA's Global Strategy Summit
visit http://www.lisa.org/events/2003usa/   

The Media is invited to obtain a press pass by registering at

* ISOGEN International - a division of Innodata Corporation * 
* STAR Technology & Solutions * Cisco Systems * RWS Group * 
* IBM * Hewlett-Packard * Basis Technology *
* SDForum * SMP Marketing * 

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