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Subject: [announce] The LISA . OASIS 2003 Global eBusiness Survey Results

The LISA * OASIS 2003 Global eBusiness Survey presents results of a
joint effort between LISA and OASIS, initially reported on by Patrick
Gannon, President and CEO of OASIS in November 2002 at the LISA Forum in
Heidelberg. (Mr. Gannon's presentation is available to LISA members
through the LISA Member's Domain.) LISA is proud to release the results
of the survey to the public free of charge.

Download Survey at

BACKGROUND: Taking full advantage of eBusiness opportunities in an
international context requires careful planning and thought. Web
Services and Language Processing standards exist to facilitate
eBusiness, but little research has been conducted on whether companies
are using these standards for international eBusiness and to what
extent. The LISA/OASIS 2003 Global eBusiness Survey, conducted by LISA
in partnership with OASIS, examines companies' level of global eBusiness
support, and use of various standards.

OBJECTIVE: The survey's objective was to determine to what extent
eBusiness users, processes and implementers are ready to take advantage
of Web Services and Language Processing Standards and provide a snapshot
of today's Global eBusiness and Web Services requirements. The survey
was also designed to look at companies' current levels of and future
plans for Global eBusiness support.

METHODOLOGY: Over 80 professionals from various high-tech sectors
participated in the LISA * OASIS Global eBusiness Survey, which was
conducted on the website of the Localization Industry Standards
Association in cooperation OASIS. The survey sought to determine to what
extend eBusiness users, processes and implementers ready to take
advantage of Web Services and language processing standards.

RESPONDENTS: 80 professionals responded to the survey. Approximately 1/3
of respondents worked for firms engaged primarily in the GILT
(Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation)
sector, and 1/3 from the IT sector, with the remainder from a variety of
other market segments. 80% of survey participants were in either
management or executive positions, with smaller numbers in technical,
analyst or academic positions.

SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE: The survey was structured in two sections: the
Business Process section was for managers responsible for international
product, services, sales or support operations; the Localization Expert
section is designed for product, web services, development and standards

Key findings of the survey include:

- To what extent are multiple languages supported by companies at
- How does company-level language support correlate with
eBusiness-specific language support? 
- Who is using Globalization Management Systems (GMSs) and for how many
languages? - Who is planning on implementing GMSs? 
- Are eBusiness standards such as EDI and ebXML being used? 
- To what extent is Web Services used to facilitate multilingual
- Are Web portals being used to facilitate localization of content? 
- Will companies involved in multilingual eBusiness use UDDI? 
- How has XML impacted companies as a source format? 
- Are companies using internationalized URIs and XML formats? 

The report will prove of value to companies looking at increasing their
level of international support or improving support for standards, as
well as those already in international markets looking at how to improve
their processes.

Download Survey at

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