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Subject: [announce] Government, clients,investors meet at Global Strategies Summit

Open standards and investing in companies that are global ready -- take
center stage at the Global Strategies Summit, March 3-6 Foster City
Crowne Plaza Hotel

For further information:
FINAL AGENDA   : http://www.lisa.org/events/2003usa/agenda.html
REGISTRATION   : http://www.lisa.org/events/2003usa/registration.html
WORKSHOPS      : http://www.lisa.org/events/2003usa/workshops/

Open standards play a crucial role in building customer confidence and
industry support for organizations investigating cross-lingual
applications. Stating his opinion in a recent interview, Mr. Glenn H.
Nordin, Assistant Director (Language), Department of Defense, said that
"language technology tools purchased by the US government are expected
to implement TMX and TBX among other open standards like UNICODE". 

Consistent with the growth and importance of global knowledge management
throughout many worldwide organizations, developers should be aware that
it is in their interests to build applications that will avoid the
establishment of what is commonly referred to as "stovepipes" - systems
that are essentially stand alone and kept alone. Mr. Nordin added:
"Developers as a group need to help their customers understand and use
the standards in writing specifications. Standards from UNICODE through
to LISA's TMX and TBX [the work of the OSCAR standards committee], will
provide the glue to build the virtual translation, translation
management, and knowledge warehouse of the future." 

In these challenging economic times, companies are looking for ways to
leverage their resources to drive revenues and support security at home
and in global markets. LISA features two key sessions focusing on how
Homeland  Security and the ROI of Globalization are shaping the world
view for the US government and companies investing in international

Homeland Security and Language Technologies
* Glenn H. Nordin - Assistant Director (Language), Department of Defense

* Margaret R. Gulotta - Section Chief, Language Services Section, FBI 
* Dr. Ray Clifford - Chancellor and Provost, Defense Language Institute
* Richard Brecht - Director of the National Foreign Language Center
* Joe Christoff - Director, International Affairs and Trade, US General
Accounting Office (GAO) 
* Joel Ross - Basis Technology, VP Defense & Intelligence Services 
* Lyra Spratt-Manning - Chief Executive Officer of the RWS Group 

Investing in today's Language Technology Business: The ROI of
* Stuart Chapman of the 3i Corp. 
* Jacob Hsu, Symbio Executive Director
* Linus Lundberg, Principal, Vision Capital
* Andres Wydler, Constellation Partners

Workgroup, Advisory leaders and invited speakers include:
* Autodesk/Discreet * Avaya * Cisco * Canadian Government Translation
Bureau * Documentum * eBay * Department of Defense * Hewlett-Packard *
Human Science * i18N Inc. * IBM * FBI * Isogen International * JD
Edwards * Joint National Committee for Languages * Telelingua
International * Mercury Interactive * Multilingual Translations * Oracle
* Rockwell Automation * RWS Group * SAP * Siebel * SDL International *
STAR * Simultrans * Veritas * Trados * Venturi Technology Partners * The
State Department Language Services * The National Institute of Health *
The World Bank * Xerox Global Services * A2Zglobal * among others ... 

The LISA Global Strategies Summit USA is sponsored by
* ISOGEN International - a division of Innodata Corporation * STAR
Technology & Solutions * Cisco  Systems * RWS Group * IBM *
Hewlett-Packard * Basis Technology * SMP-M Ltd * SDForum 

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