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Subject: [announce] Call for Participation

I have recently received four CfPs that I would like to bring to the
attention of the OASIS community.
Feel free to contact me if you need further information on any of these
events. Please keep me updated if your proposal is accepted by the
sponsoring organization.

1.	Call for Proposals from Tina Mede of SEEM:

I would like to inform you that there is currently a call for proposals
going on related to the
Single European Electronic Market (SEEM). This call is issued under
Priority 8 of FP6. The overall objective of
Priority 8 is to support the formulation and implementation of Community
policies, by providing
scientific contributions to policies that are targeted precisely on
needs, coherent across the various
Community policy areas, and sensitive to changes in policies as they
take place.
The deadline will be on 13 MARCH 2003. If you want to submit a proposal
should react very quickly and take advantage of the networking
activities done during the SEEM
workshop in October 2002, the SEEM IST Networking Session in November
and the SEEM FP5 Cluster
Information on how to prepare a proposal:

You can find more information at the URL:

Best regards,
Tina Mede
European Commission
Directorate-General Information Society
New Working Environments Unit

200 rue de la Loi
Office: BU29 01/81
B-1049 Brussels
Tel: +
E-mail:  tina.mede@cec.eu.int

2.	Calls for Papers and Participation for the Tenth ACM Conference on
Computer and Communications Security--the Industry Track in this
conference.  While on http://www.acm.org/sigs/sigsac/ccs/CCS2003/ ,
click on  CALL FOR PAPERS, then click on INDUSTRY TRACK.

3.	Calls for Papers and Participation the 2003 International Conference
on Security and Management (SAM '03)--Trusted Computing Platforms Track.
A security paper from OASIS at SAM'03 is appreciated
(http://www.ashland.edu/~iajwa/conferences/2003/SAM/ then click on
Special Track on LHS frame).

4.	Calls for Papers and Participation the 4th International Conference
on Internet Computing (IC 2003)--URL not yet available.




Selim Aissi, Ph.D.

Senior Security Architect

Intel Research & Development

Office: 503.264.3349 - Mobile: 503.380.0703 - Fax: 503.264.6067

Email: selim.aissi@intel.com - Assistant: 503.712.1417 (Ashlee Tasa)

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