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Subject: seminar: from information management towards a knowledge base using XML Topic Maps

from information management towards a knowledge base using XML Topic Maps


Program summary
At this seminar the presenters will look at the ongoing movement from information management towards the emerging of knowledge systems. This movement will be viewed from all possible angles. Keynote speaker Prof. dr. ir. Mathieu Weggeman will present his vision on managing knowledge within organisations. Rogier Gielen managing director of SmartHaven will provide some insight at the opportunity to classify and relate information using automata. Edwin de Jonge is going to let you in on some results of his investigation into the possibilities of using XML Topic Maps at CBS (Statistics Netherlands).
The presenters of Diderot Track will discuss the Topic Maps standard and underlying concepts. Furthermore they will focus on the application of Topic Maps for several purposes. Additionally a so-called "Brown paper session" is demonstrated as a means to start defining an ontology as a group effort. Participants will be asked to join in in order to define an ontology on the subject of wine. At the end of this exercise a sample 'Wine Topic Map', as developed by Diderot Track, will be demonstrated. Also an overview of available software and tools in this field will be presented.

Tuesday, 6 May 2003

KGCA in Amsterdam

325,00 excluding VAT, including lunch en drinks

Hosted by
Diderot Track BV

Information about program, presenters and registration form

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