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Subject: OASIS Member News: Vordel and Chrysalis-ITS collaborate to produce turnkey integrated XML security appliance

Vordel and Chrysalis-ITS collaborate to produce turnkey integrated XML
security appliance
Best-of-breed security appliance for cryptography and key management
combined with best-of-breed software for XML security

April 29, 2003 – Infosecurity 2003, London, UK – Vordel, the XML security
company, and Chrysalis-ITS, the leading provider of hardware security
modules, servers and appliances, announced today at Infosecurity that they
have been working jointly to produce a fully integrated hardware XML
security appliance. This announcement is the first project of a partnership
agreement between the two companies.

The appliance, slated for release in the third quarter of this year, will
use the powerful cryptographic processing, secure key management, and the
market-leading access control and anti-tamper protection of Chrysalis-ITS’
Ultimate Trust Security Platform (UTSP) hardware, which also powers their
leading network-attached Luna SA HSM server.  The new XML security appliance
will safeguard and manage all XML and Web Services communications inside and
outside the enterprise by employing scalable, feature-rich and
standards-compliant VordelSecure XML security server software.  The
integrated offering provides centralized security policy management that
communicates to distributed security enforcement points at multiple
locations throughout the enterprise.

Phil Schacter, VP of Directory and Security Strategies at Burton Group,
advised, "Enterprise customers require the flexibility to deploy security
infrastructure in both software and appliance form factors. By blending
Vordel's software expertise in Web services security with Chrysalis-ITS'
anti-tamper security hardware, the two companies will deliver a new
generation of hardened security appliance to shield enterprise Web Services
and application servers from a broad range of threats."

"The centralized management of security and business policies for multiple
enforcement points enables consistency in policies while distributing the
security workload across appliances. This approach supports both
administrative and operational scaling for enterprises that expect very high
transaction volumes, as a new generation of applications built as Web
services begins to displace existing special-purpose transaction networks,"
said Schacter.

“We’re very pleased to join forces with Vordel to offer our customers an
integrated XML security appliance with unparalleled security, high
performance and low cost of deployment,” said David Longbottom, CEO at

“We have been listening to our many customers in the financial and
government verticals in particular – and they have been unanimous in their
demand for a fully integrated solution that delivers the security,
performance and XML processing functionality they require to protect their
web based interactions,” Longbottom continued. “The turnkey
Chrysalis-ITS/Vordel appliance meets this need – pre-integrated, and ready
for deployment.”

Vic Morris, CEO of Vordel, commented that there is “a compelling case for
enterprises to use this hardware appliance as an implementation of
best-practice XML security.”

“The scalable, flexible nature of VordelSecure means it can be deployed in
front of XML systems as an XML firewall, or alternatively can be used to
distribute security enforcement throughout the organization across different
XML platforms, with centralized management and reporting,” Morris said.

“The joint solution is a robust and scalable security device with all the
flexibility to configure and deploy XML security and access control at
multiple points in the enterprise - without sacrificing performance.”

Representatives from Chrysalis and Vordel will be available at Booth # 574
at the Infosecurity show.

The appliance is standards-based, implementing a broad range of security
specifications to provide a solid foundation that meets all enterprise
security requirements in an XML environment. Supported standards include
WS-Security, SAML, OPSEC, and FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Multiple deployment options
This flexible product supports two distinctly different deployment
scenarios: first as a centralized XML Firewall appliance, performing content
filtering and access control on all incoming and outgoing XML traffic;
second, the appliance can be distributed across the enterprise, allowing
multiple XML streams across the organization to be secured using a single
policy set.

High Availability
The UTSP from Chrysalis-ITS is a robust hardware technology platform that
provides a secure tamper-proof application environment, impervious to
physical or electronic attack. It supports both load balancing and high
availability configurations, such that solution architectures can survive
device or network outages, isolated power faults and other failures without
loss of service.

Supports existing security infrastructure
Fully integrated with existing identity management systems, firewalls, PKI,
directories, and intrusion detection infrastructure.

Centralized security management with GUI-driven console to manage enterprise
XML messaging. Powerful key management that incorporates physical,
operational and software safeguards to protect the cryptographic keys at the
heart of the XML security operations.

Open architecture
Programmable API allows XML security rules to be enforced across multiple
heterogeneous XML systems.

A high performance, scalable security management and enforcement solution,
providing reassurance that the processing overheads of XML and security
processing do not hamper business objectives and processes. The product
offers scalable hardware-accelerated digital signing performance with up to
1200 1024-bit RSA signings per second.

Audit and reporting
Traffic usage and security event reports may be configured or exported. This
powerful audit trail functionality, coupled with hardware based key
management reduces transaction risks, providing full support for
non-repudiation of transactions.

About Chrysalis-ITS
Chrysalis-ITS is a leading vendor of hardware security modules, servers and
appliances to secure and accelerate applications including electronic
financial transactions, SSL, smart card issuance, document security and
digital identity management. The company is revolutionizing hardware
security with a line of appliances that dramatically simplify the deployment
of secure applications. Chrysalis-ITS products power security solutions
deployed to customers spanning the world's leading financial institutions,
service providers, and government agencies. Chrysalis-ITS products are
delivered through a global network of distributors and value-added
resellers. Founded in 1994, Chrysalis-ITS is headquartered in Ottawa,
Canada, with regional offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.
The company website is http://www.chrysalis-its.com

About Vordel
Vordel provides security for XML communications. Vordel’s flagship product,
VordelSecure, is an enterprise class XML security server that allows
organizations to deploy and configure security for XML based communications,
both inside and outside the enterprise. It uses open standards including
WS-Security and SAML to apply authentication, authorization, audit, and
content validation to XML based communications. Vordel is a privately held
company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Boston, USA and
London, UK. www.vordel.com

Press Contacts

VordelJim WhittleCommunications ManagerTel: +353-1-215
3333press-info@vordel.com 	Chrysalis-ITSConnie CostiganMedia Relations
Manager613.723.5077 ext 3256ccostigan@chrysalis-its.com

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