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Subject: LISA Forum Europe: Early-bird ends May 15

Managing Content - Moving Markets
Streamlining Global Workflow Through Content Management
London, June 30-July 3, 2003

The 2003 LISA Forum Europe will focus on how companies are leveraging
their existing knowledgebase of cultural, product, customer, and
financial information, already gained from their existing operations, to
facilitate worldwide market expansion.

*Register now. Early-bird ends May 15th*

REGISTRATION	http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/registration.html
LISA WORKSHOPS	http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/workshops/
    Monday June 30
 	-Creating Multilingual Web Sites
	-Internationalisation & Localisation Testing
	-Managing Localisation Projects
    Thursday July 3
	-Automating Localisation Workflow
	-Unicode and Asian Character Sets
	-XML and Localisation

Special Program for GCM Clients -- Monday, June 30th
Global Content Management Seminar sponsored by Hewlett-Packard

Global Content Management is today's number one international business
challenge. Content Chaos is costing many companies their profit margins,
while successful global companies (from automotive and banking sectors
to high-tech software) are looking for - and finding  - ways to
streamline their company's content production process to provide a
market-by-market ROI.  Global workflow is fundamental in achieving
faster delivery and turn around time for all types of content - from
print to web - and in multiple languages. 

In today's economy many companies remain paralyzed deciding which
markets to enter. If you want to grow, Go Global. LISA's annual European
conference features today's companies that are taking the risks and
reaping the rewards.


* BBC World Service - Managing global content in real time!
  Myra Hunt, Acting Head, World Service New Media
* The Market for Globalized Voice Applications
  Dr. Curtis Tucker, Director of the Voice Laboratory - Oracle
* The Business Case for Global Content Management
  Mario Queiroz, Vice President Enterprise Content WW eBusiness -
Hewlett-Packard Company
* Globalizing Enterprise Content: A Reference Model and Applicable
  Pierre Cadieux, President of I18n Corporation
* "Business on Demand" and the Localization Industry
  Dr. Brian O'Donovan, IBM Dublin Software Lab
* The Road to Reuse: From Promise to Problems to Profits
  Peter Wilms van Kersbergen, Business Improvement Manager, Medtronic

* Whirlpool Europe - Managing content for customer support & services 
  M. Bossi, Content Localisation Manager
* Canon Research Centre Europe's Localisation Services 
  Jonathan Bowring, Localisation Manager
* Localisation Workflow Integrating Language Technologies
  Lou Cremers, Manager Translation Services, Oce Technologies
* BiDi - The Market Opportunity for this puzzling four-letter word!
  Israel Gidali, Globalization Manager - IBM Israel

* Building a Corporate Globalization Program - From Grass-Roots to
  EMC Corporation * Medtronic * 
* Global Content Management - What have we learned?
  Alison Toon, Hewlett-Packard
* Language technology and translation workflow systems
  Monika Rothlisberger-Kaser, CLS Corporate Language Services AG
* Multilingual Content Life-Cycle: Integrating CMS with translation
  Matthias Heyn, Vice-President - Trados Corporation
* Building project-specific localization solutions
  Yves Savourel, RWS Group
* Translating XML Based Documents
  Andrzej Zydron, XML Intl Ltd.
* Overcoming challenges when establishing a globalisation function in
your company
  Dan Kupperstein, EMC Corporation
* SME Focus - Is the localisation industry consolidating, or simply
  Kim Harris, text & form Software-Lokalisierung
* Designing for localisation: content solutions in practice
  Kate Alvarez, Director of User Experience Design, Sapient Corp.

**LISA Forum Europe Exhibitors**
Language Technology Centre * Trados * SDL International * PASS
Engineering * Stibo Catalog * GlobalSight * Diluceo Systems *

**LISA Forum Europe Sponsors and Collaborator Members**
CLS Corporate Language Services * Hewlett-Packard * RWS Group *
Logos Group * WH&P * Star Group *

- Notices -
LISA is the premier organization providing the mechanisms, services and
network for professionals interested in sharing information on the
development of globalization and localization processes, tools,
web-technologies and business models -- so that they can become more
effective in their own business. 
* We apologize if you received duplicates of this announcement.

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