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Subject: OASIS Member News: Picture Services Network Adopts UDDI V2 From Systinet Corp.


- PSN Members Include Agfa-Gevaert AG, Eastman Kodak Company,
Hewlett-Packard Company and Silverwire, Inc.-

HARRISON NY, May 21, 2003 -Picture Services Network, Inc. (PSN) today
announced the selection of Systinet Corporation to provide its Universal
Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry for the PSN
Directory Service. The PSN Directory Service provides a cost-effective
means for any camera manufacturer, photofinishing company, or online
photo service to  make it easy for their customers  to find, access or
use digital photography services.  

Systinet will support imaging giants Agfa-Gevaert AG, Eastman Kodak
Company, Hewlett-Packard Company and Silverwire, Inc. as a key vendor in
bringing PSN to life, which will soon make using Internet-based photo
services easier than ever for consumers and businesses. In a related
announcement, PSN, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the International
Imaging Industry Association (I3A), also named Patrick Gaglione as its
Chief Operating Officer.  Gaglione will be responsible for the
deployment and ongoing operations, support and financial management of
PSN's Directory Service and will report to Lisa Walker, president of

"The timing is right for PSN to help advance the fastest growing segment
of the photo industry," said Pat Gaglione, COO, PSN.  "Adding Systinet
as our Web services vendor brings us that much closer to launching the
network.  I'm very excited about the benefits this initiative will bring
to the entire imaging industry."

PSN chose Systinet because the Web services infrastructure company
provides a platform-independent solution that is easy to customize,
offers exceptional performance, and meets all the latest Web services
standards. Photography and imaging services companies will use PSN's
UDDI registry to promote their services; while application and camera
vendors with Common Picture Exchange Environment (CPXe) compliant
applications will use it to enable their customers to search and
discover suppliers by location or other characteristics, and then
seamlessly upload digital images and purchase prints or other products.

"We're very pleased to be working with PSN and we're excited that our
UDDI registry will be the cornerstone technology of this important
initiative," said Roman Stanek, CEO, Systinet.  "The PSN is a unique
example of Web services providing real benefits to businesses and their
customers and it's an indication of how pervasive this technology will

PSN was formed to provide the industry with a cost effective way to
expand its market reach and deliver innovative products and services to
a rapidly expanding worldwide base of digital camera owners - regardless
of the camera's brand or where it was purchased.  Designed to simplify
the process of finding and using Internet-connected and retail photo
services,  PSN is scheduled to launch its Directory Service in late June
2003.  PSN will work in concert with the Common Picture eXchange
Environment specifications released by I3A in February, enabling
participating businesses to quickly, easily and dynamically find and
transact business with any photo Web service that supports the CPXe
interoperability specifications. 

CPXe is providing the industry with an extensible and open technology
framework on which any imaging device can seamlessly exchange digital
images and order and commerce information with any networked imaging
application or service, regardless of manufacturer, service provider or
geography.  The combined impact of CPXe specifications and the PSN
Directory Service will greatly simplify for businesses and their
customers  the process of finding and using Internet-connected and
retail photo services.   

"The selection of Systinet demonstrates that PSN and the International
Imaging Industry Association (I3A) are committed and moving quickly
towards implementing the private, UDDI-based Directory Service that is
core to CPXe's Web Services based architecture," said Lisa Walker,
president, International Imaging Industry Association and PSN.  "This
leading Web Services vendor will help ensure that PSN delivers on its
promise of providing first-rate, global directory services to the
digital photography industry."

About Picture Services Network (PSN)
A private, UDDI-based directory of Internet-connected photographic
services, the PSN Directory Service will allow businesses to quickly,
easily and dynamically find and transact business with CPXe compliant
Web Services.  A Web service itself, the PSN Directory Service serves as
a repository for information about participating services and providers.
After registering with PSN, Web service listings may be accessed by
client applications that wish to use them. Client applications connect
to the Directory Service via a standard API to discover and then
interact with available services regardless of the service's geographic

PSN participation is open to any company, large or small. Companies that
will benefit from the new Directory Service include photo-enabled device
manufacturers; photo-enabled Web sites and portals; independent software
vendors; traditional and non-traditional photo retailers; online
photofinishers; and photofinishing system integrators.  

As a not-for-profit subsidiary of I3A, PSN was formed to provide
participants with a cost effective way to expand their market reach and
deliver innovative products and services to a rapidly expanding
worldwide base of digital camera owners - regardless of the camera's
brand or where it was purchased.   The not-for-profit nature of PSN will
help ensure that participation costs are minimized and reasonable.    

With commercial service availability targeted for the end of June 2003,
the PSN Directory Service will open the gateway for CPXe adopters,
through their compliant applications and services, to allow consumers to
quickly locate services and providers using familiar search criteria
including but not limited to zip code or desired product type.  

For more information about PSN, visit www.pictureservices.org.
Companies interested in learning more about, or joining the Picture
Services Network should contact Lisa Walker at 949-481-7645 or

About the Common Picture eXchange Environment (CPXe)
CPXe is an International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) initiative
group of companies working together to provide more opportunities for
consumers to enjoy their digital pictures.  Technology companies,
software makers, camera and equipment manufacturers, imaging companies,
and online photo services providers are working within I3A to develop a
suite of interoperability specifications. Released in February of 2003,
the v1.0 specifications enable the transmission of digital pictures and
order information between digital cameras, PCs, desktop software,
Internet- services, photo kiosks, digital minilabs and photofinishers.
To download copies of the v1.0 CPXe Specifications or for more
information about the CPXe Initiative, visit www.i3a.org. 

About the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)
I3A is the leading global imaging industry association, driving growth
of and setting standards for the photographic and information imaging
markets.  As the industry focal point, I3A offers a framework and
environment where members can quickly find resources to solve critical
issues and develop market solutions. Members of I3A work together to
find common ground for advancing the industry and to enable better
products and services for their customers. I3A is the product of the
merger of the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) and the Photographic and
Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA). Information about I3A can be
found on the World Wide Web at www.i3a.org.

About Systinet
Systinet provides Web services infrastructure software. Systinet's
products make it easy for enterprises and ISVs to build, deploy, secure
and manage Web services. The Systinet WASP suite of products is based on
industry-standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. WASP products are
available for Java and C++, interoperate seamlessly with other Web
services implementations such as Microsoft .NET, and are portable across
a wide variety of platforms and servers. With over 29,000 registered
users and hundreds of live deployments, Systinet's clients include
Amazon.com, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, FileNet,
Interwoven, JP Morgan, Mercator, and SAIC.  Headquartered in Cambridge,
MA, Systinet is a privately-held company with over 95 employees. In
March 2002, Systinet announced venture funding of $21 million from
Warburg Pincus. 
To find out how Systinet can help your business, visit
http://www.systinet.com, call 1-617-868-2224, or email us at

Ian Bruce
Systinet Corporation
Five Cambridge Center, 8th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
T: +1 617-868-2224 ext.1545
F: +1 617-621-1168
M: +1 508-574-2016
W: www.systinet.com

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