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Subject: OSCAR Certifies First CAT tool as TMX Compliant

OSCAR Certifies First CAT tool as TMX Compliant
Licenses SDLX Translation Suite to carry the TMX Certified logo

March 23, 2003 - The OSCAR special interest group (Open Standards for
Container/Content Allowing Re-use), founded in June 1997 by the
Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), announced today that
it has granted TMX Certified Compliant status to the first Computer
Aided Translation (CAT) tool that has successfully completed TMX Level 2
testing at its accredited testing lab at the Localization Testing Center
in San Francisco. 

SDLX Translation Suite, a product of SDL International, is now the first
product licensed to use the TMX Certified logo, and many others are
expected to follow in close pursuit.  Only products that have passed
this third-party certification test may claim to be TMX Certified
Compliant and carry the TMX Certified logo.  This logo assures users of
the product that it has been certified to both import and export
translation memories that conform to the TMX Level 2 standard

Daniel Grasmick, Director of Localization at SAP and Co-chair of the
OSCAR Steering Committee said "Although we have more work ahead of us,
this is an important moment for OSCAR in that we are beginning to
deliver on a promise that was started five years ago.  We expect more
developers to become certified in the days and weeks ahead as we
continue to refine the standard and make it a commercial reality."

Orlando Padilla, Manager of Pacific Language Services said "One of the
primary reasons we chose a TMX Certified CAT tool is that our clients
want to insure the safety of their translation memory assets and know
that they are not locked up in a proprietary format.  They want to be
able to use those memories across multiple products and localization
process flows both now and in the future."

The OSCAR group combines key technology vendors, corporate users and
service providers worldwide, including such names as IBM, J.D. Edwards,
SAP, SUN Microsystems, Microsoft, GlobalSight, Welocalize, REW, SDL
International, STAR and Trados.

For more information about OSCAR visit http://www.lisa.org/oscar/ or
email lisa@lisa.org.

For Public Relations and LISA Marketing enquiries, contact Alison
Rowles, SMP Marketing Sarl, Tel +41 21 807 1675, Fax +41 21 807 1661,

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