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Subject: OASIS Member News: Choreology secures further $4.5 million investment by Atlas Venture

Application coordination pioneer Choreology secures a further $4.5
million investment by Atlas Venture

London, May 29, 2003: Choreology Ltd, the application coordination
software company, announces a $4.5 million funding agreement with Atlas
Venture.  This is in addition to an initial investment of $3 million by
Atlas Venture, announced in July 2002, and founder and angel funding of

Choreology, founded in January 2001 by a group of worldwide experts in
the field of distributed transaction management, is developing business
transaction management software for application coordination. Many of
the company's staff have substantial experience in delivering
sophisticated distributed computing solutions in organizations across a
broad range of industries.  

Cohesions 1.0(tm) is a Coordination Service that enables the
synchronization of update operations spanning multiple applications.
Business processes using Cohesions 1.0(tm) benefit from
application-level consistency, and automated completion of business
transactions, even in the event of failures.  Cohesions 1.0(tm)
implements Business Transaction Protocol 1.0 and
WS-Coordination+Transaction.  Cohesions 1.0(tm) works in the native Java
environment and also integrates with several leading Web Services

 "Cohesions 1.0(tm) is the first product to make application
coordination and transaction management a reality in today's
heterogeneous enterprise." said Alastair Green, CEO and co-founder of
Choreology.  "Atlas Venture's continuing support of the company reflects
a growing recognition of the need for a reliable coordination solution
in product form.  Our product works with existing deployed applications
as well as the growing web services and grid environments."

Atlas Venture Principal, Christopher Spray, added: "Since our initial
investment, Choreology has released its product and hired product
management, sales and marketing teams. The company has created
significant momentum in its initial target business sectors of financial
services and telecommunications. We are pleased to continue our
involvement with the company through the next phase of its growth, which
we expect to be rapid and substantial." 

About Choreology
Choreology Ltd (www.choreology.com) is a privately held application
coordination software company founded in 2001 by a group of commercial
specialists in the field of distributed transaction management.  The
company's senior management and technical staff average 20 plus years in
the IT industry.  Headquartered in London, England, with staff in North
America the company is backed by Atlas Venture.

For further information please contact:

Katy Birch
Phone: + 44 207 670 1794
Email: katy.birch@choreology.com
Web: www.choreology.com

Cohesions 1.0(tm) Business transaction management software for
application coordination.

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