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Subject: OASIS Member News: Business Layers Introduces Industry's First Identity Consolidation Solution

Title: OASIS Member News: Business Layers Introduces Industry's First Identity Consolidation Solution

Business Layers Introduces Industry's First Identity Consolidation Solution
eProvision Role-Out Critical to the Success of Identity Management Implementations
ROCHELLE PARK, NJ - June 2, 2003 - Business Layers, Inc., the eProvisioning Company(tm), today introduced eProvision(tm) Role-Out, the industry's first identity consolidation service that intelligently interprets, normalizes and reconciles data to provide clean federated identities for provisioning and identity management systems.  The availability of an accurate, single source of data is a critical element of successful identity management and all enterprise software implementations.  eProvision Role-Out directly addresses the enterprise's need for accelerated data reconciliation. 

"Data reconciliation is a huge problem across the enterprise, and the ability to reconcile user identities, entitlements and access rights has clearly become a critical undertaking for the enterprise as a first step in user provisioning projects," said Gartner Research Director, Roberta J. Witty. "As a result, technologies that assist with this reconciliation effort - finding orphaned accounts, mismatches in user profile data, and conflicts in privileges granted to a user, and then correcting those situations and establishing policies to enforce entitlements and rights across the enterprise - have far-reaching applications, especially in this time of growing regulatory compliance efforts such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley."
The Provisioning Prescription: Treating Multiple Identities and Dirty Data
Available in the third quarter of this year, eProvision Role-Out is the newest offering within the Business Layers eProvision Software family of products.  Provisioning software requires organizations to initially supply data that includes all known identities that exist on their networks and systems in the form of a single identity for each user. Organizations are commonly overwhelmed by this task, as numerous and disparate silos of identity data exist for their employees, contractors, customers and partners across multiple applications and digital resources, creating an unintelligible jumble of identity information. eProvision Role-Out addresses this problem head-on by organizing identity data through a process of extraction, normalization and correlation of multiple roles into a single list of identities and corresponding entitlements.

Unlike meta-directories which only handle the data acquisition task, and offer only manual reconciliation for this step, eProvision Role-Out automates the data acquisition stage and then analyzes the data for the initial baseline of a Provisioning project.  System administrators can monitor all of the hardware, applications, and access rights granted to the system users and update this information with the click of the mouse, enabling greater security and ease of provisioning.

eProvision Role-Out Features and Benefits
The features and benefits of Business Layers' eProvision Role-Out include:

·       Data acquisition, cleansing and reconciliation- Automatically selects relevant attributes for each identity automatically; a process that reconciles at least 80% of data.

·       Data acquisition- Allows for the automatic loading of clean data from enterprise (human resource [HR], enterprise resource planning [ERP], customer relationship management [CRM], infrastructure network operating systems [NOS], e-mail, directories, etc.) and data-based (Excel, flat-files, Oracle, etc.) applications into a database.

·       Data mining and analysis- Produces association rules, sequences and deviation detection for data transformation and grouping purposes for automating resource allocation policy construction.
Real-time policy engineering- Allows managers to adjust and view identity data in real-time.

·       Reporting: Produces reports and analysis of consolidated identity data.

"eProvision Role-Out represents the next generation of provisioning and identity management solutions that solve an enormous and very real problem throughout the enterprise," said Adrian Viego, Chief Technology Officer at Business Layers. "This pre-provisioning service streamlines the once tedious process of data cleansing by enabling intelligent identity consolidation to help businesses create order out of chaos.  eProvision Role-Out is the only solution with the ability to eliminate lengthy project implementations and more quickly combat the damaging effects of identity mismanagement." 

About Business Layers
Business Layers is the global leader in provisioning software, the cornerstone of identity management solutions. The company's award-winning eProvision(tm) Software products, help organizations enhance security and increase efficiency by automatically allocating IT resources to employees, customers, contractors and business partners, according to corporate policy. Business Layers is headquartered in Rochelle Park, NJ. For more information, please contact Business Layers at 877-552-9377, or visit www.businesslayers.com.


Sharon Tolpin
Senior Director

Corporate Communications

Business Layers
The eProvisioning Company(tm)

T: (201) 291-8999 x218
F: (201) 291-0006
M: (917) 826-2894


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