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Subject: LISA Forum Europe - Hotel Discount Ends June 9, 2003

Managing Content - Moving Markets
Streamlining Global Workflow Through Content Management
London, June 30-July 3, 2003

!! LISA Hotel Discount Ends June 9 !!

Why today's fastest growing companies participate in the LISA Forum

* Identify new R&D technology for different processes	
* Streamline your management and workflow systems
* Cutting costs on localisation, translation and testing

* How to manage localization projects
* Increase revenue with value-added services
* Learn to apply globalization guidelines and best practices

* Develop products based on Unicode and XML	
* Increase revenue with value-added services
* Learn to manage high-traffic and high-content global websites

AGENDA 	    http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/agenda.html
REGISTRATION    http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/registration.html
PARTICIPANTS    http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/participants_list.html

LISA WORKSHOPS  http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/workshops/
    Monday June 30
 	-Creating Multilingual Web Sites
	-Internationalisation & Localisation Testing
	-Managing Localisation Projects
    Thursday July 3
	-Automating Localisation Workflow
	-Unicode and Asian Character Sets
	-XML and Localisation

SPECIAL PROGRAM -- Monday, June 30th --
Global Content Management Seminar sponsored by Hewlett-Packard

* KEYNOTE - Managing global content in real time! 
* How to run high impact multilingual news websites
. Myra Hunt, Acting Head, BBC World Service New Media

* The Business Case for Global Content Management
. Ted Speroni, Director, EMEA hp.com and Content Management Services -
Hewlett-Packard Company

* The Localisation Industry and the OnDemand Era
. Dr. Brian O'Donovan, Senior Development Manager, IBM Dublin Software

* The Market for Globalized Voice Applications
. Curtis Tuckey, Director of the Voice Laboratory - Oracle Corporation

* CASE STUDY: The Road to Reuse: From Promise to Problems to Profits
. Peter Wilms van Kersbergen, Business Improvement Manager, Medtronic

* OPERATIONS REVIEW: Canon Research Centre Europe's Localisation
. Jonathan Bowring, General Manager, Canon Localisation Services

* How to leverage the value of testing services in your organization
. Matta Saikali, Chief Testing Consultant - i18N Inc.

* Oracle's Voice Laboratory - A Voice Technologies Primer
. Ashish Vora, Senior Speech Applications Engineer, Oracle Corporation

* Globalizing Enterprise Content: A Reference Model and Applicable
. Pierre Cadieux, President and Founder, i18N Inc.

* Building a Corporate Globalisation Program - From Grass-Roots to
. EMC Corporation . Medtronic . Hewlett-Packard Company .

* Client Localisation Groups: The self-funding internal vendors
. Jonathan Bowring, General Manager, Canon Localisation Services

* Designing for localisation: content solutions in practice
. Kate Alvarez - Director of User Experience Design, Sapient Corp.

Wednesday, July 2

* Bidi, the Puzzling Four Letter Word - Challenges and Market
. Israel Gidali, Globalisation Manager GCoC - Complex Text Languages,
IBM Israel
. Ahmed Talaat, Globalisation Development Manager, GCoC - BiDi, IBM

* A Proprietary Workflow and Machine Translation
* Multilingual Content Life-Cycle: Integrating CMS with Translation
* TM/MT Integration

. Monika Rothlisberger-Kaser, Language Technologies Manager - CLS
Corporate Language Services 
. Matthias Heyn, Vice-President - Trados Corporation
. Adriane Rische, Managing Director - Language Technology Center
. Frank Beckman, Director of Linguists - GlobalWare AG

* SME Focus Group
* "Is the localisation industry consolidating or simply re-sizing?"
. Kim Harris, Managing Director, Text & Form Software-Lokalisierung

* Automating Localisation Workflow
. Pierre Cadieux, President - i18N Inc.

* CASE STUDY: Localisation Workflow Integrating Language Technologies
. Lou Cremers, Manager Translation Services - Oce Technologies
Translation Services

* CASE STUDY: Whirlpool Europe
. Pierangela Bossi, Content Localisation Manager
. Diana Ballard, Director of Logos Group UK

* Overcoming Challenges when Establishing a Globalisation Function in
your Company
. Dan Kuperstein, Globalization Director, EMC Corporation
. Chris Hedley, Manager, Globalization Program Office, EMC Corporation

* W3C: I18N Activities and Outlook
* "Making the World Wide Web Worldwide!"
. Richard Ishida, Chair - W3C Internationalisation Working Group

* Translating XML based documents
. Andrzej Zydron, Director, XML Intl Ltd.

* Building Project-specific L10n solutions
. Yves Savourel, Localization Solutions Architect, RWS Group

* Globalisation and Localisation Client Best Practice: Metrics, Data and
. Moderator: Cathyann Swindlehurst, Globalization Consultant, Cygnet
International, Inc. and Venturi Partners
. Rose Lockwood, Director of Research, Bowne Global Solutions
. Jonathan Sage, Project Director, eContent Localisation, IBM Business
Consulting Services
. Renato Beninatto, Partner, Common Sense Advisory Inc.

**LISA Forum Europe Exhibitors**
Language Technology Centre * Trados * SDL International * PASS
Engineering * GlobalSight * Stibo Catalog * Atril *

**LISA Forum Europe Sponsors and Collaborator Members**
CLS Corporate Language Services * Hewlett-Packard * RWS Group *
Logos Group * WH&P * Stibo Catalog *

- Notices -
LISA is the premier organization providing the mechanisms, services and
network for professionals interested in sharing information on the
development of globalization and localization processes, tools,
web-technologies and business models -- so that they can become more
effective in their own business. 

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