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Subject: Drummond Group Unveils InSitu(TM)--First Automated Interoperability Testing System

Drummond Group Unveils InSitu(TM) - First Automated Interoperability System For Global Testing Support 

  InSitu(TM) Designed to Decrease Testing Hours, Related Costs For Software Testing

    AUSTIN, Texas, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) today introduced InSitu(TM), an innovative technology designed to automate interoperability and conformance testing.  InSitu is expected to provide dramatic cost savings in manpower for participants in the software testing arena.  Developed by DGI, the new technology will deliver global testing support across different time zones, creating less impact on test participants' work hours.  InSitu testing is projected for all architecturallayers which support the supply chain, including HTTP Web services and business process routing.
    An AS2 beta pilot for InSitu is currently in progress, while another pilot is being planned for ebXML Messaging.  Participating AS2 software vendors include bTrade, Inc., Cleo Communications, Cyclone Commerce, Hewlett-Packard
and IPNet Solutions, Inc.  These companies will utilize the InSitu technology as participants in the next AS2 Interoperability test round scheduled to begin in July.  DGI expects the InSitu interoperability system will reduce the software testing companies' internal costs to approximately one-tenth of what it was before automation.
    "As a major endeavor for DGI, InSitu will have a positive impact on industries supporting B2B commerce," said Rik Drummond, DGI's chief executive officer and chief scientist.  "A remarkable number of software products and
services are asking for certification, and this cutting-edge technology will allow numerous products, services and time zones to be interoperable.  InSitu revolutionizes the process as it accelerates further adoption of new technical standards to support an interoperable global marketplace."
    InSitu technology introduces a new level of flexibility in interoperability testing.  With less time and staffing needed for testing, InSitu technology automatically reacts to test commands defined for each scenario.  For more information, please refer to the InSitu FAQs that may be found on the http://www.drummondgroup.com website.

    About Drummond Group Inc.
    Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) works with software vendors, vertical industries and the standards community to drive adoption for standards by conducting interoperability and conformance testing, publishing related strategic research and developing vertical industry strategies.  Founded in 1999, DGI represents best-of-breed in the industry on linking horizontal infrastructure technologies, standards and interoperability issues with the needs of vertical industries such as retail, grocery, health care, transportation, government and automotive.  For more information, please visit http://www.drummondgroup.com or email: info@drummondgroup.com.

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