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Subject: Get your product or Services listed on XML.org Focus Areas!

OASIS members,
If you provide products or services to the Insurance, Human Resources,
or Printing & Publishing industries, please take advantage of a special
OASIS offer.

XML.org, an OASIS information channel, features several Focus Areas
which provide in-depth coverage of standards and activities in specific
vertical industries. Currently, we have XML.org Focus Areas for:
Insurance http://insurance.xml.org/ (a collaboration with ACORD)
Human Resources http://hr.xml.org/ (with HR-XML)
Printing & Publishing http://publishing.xml.org/ (with IDEAlliance)

Each Focus Area features a web page listing for major Players in that
arena. Listings on those pages is open to all solution providers without
charge, and products from OASIS members receive special placement on the

To get your product or service listed on one of the above XML.org Focus
Areas, please email the following information to both
margie.pina@oasis-open.org and dale.waldt@oasis-open.org.

1. Name of product or service
2. URL for more product information
3. Company/organization name
4. URL for company/organization website (optional)
5. 50-word description of product or service. (Please confine your
descriptions to factual text and refrain from promotional hyperbole.
Mention any standards to which your product complies.)
6. XML.org Focus Area--specify whether this entry should be listed on
the Players page for:
a) Insurance
b) Human Resources
c) Printing & Publishing

Future XML.org Focus Areas on Healthcare, Financial Services,
Localization, Aerospace and others will be announced in the near future.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please contact me with any 
questions on product listings and sponsorship opportunities.

Tanks for your consideration!
Dale Waldt

Dale Waldt, +1.585.703.8440
aXtive Minds, dale@aXtiveminds.com
OASIS, dale.waldt@oasis-open.org, http://xml.org, http://xml.coverpages.org

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