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Subject: [announce] DataPower Enhances XML Web Services Security and Performance for WebSphere MQ Series


IT Departments Can Now Securely Extend MQ across the Internet and Instantly
Improve WebSphere MQ Series XML Performance with DataPower's Drop-in Network

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - September 16, 2003 - DataPower Technology, Inc., a
leading provider of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN) infrastructure,
announced that the latest firmware release for its DataPower XS40 XML
Security Gateway(tm) and XA35 XML Accelerator network devices include
support for IBM's WebSphere MQ* (formerly MQ Series) protocol.  This
integration, achieved in part by establishing a technology licensing
relationship with IBM Corporation, enables direct access to the XML
acceleration and Web services security benefits of DataPower's XAN products
from MQ Series applications. Support for MQ also makes it possible to use
the XS40 XML Security Gateway as a wirespeed trusted gateway between
internal MQ-based Web services and external HTTP Web services. The
integration is available immediately as an optional part of firmware Release
2.3. (See associated press release "DataPower Release 2.3 Delivers Enhanced
XML Web Service Security, Manageability and Integration," August 19, 2003)

"WebSphere MQ is the de facto standard for messaging and queuing and
provides our customers the reliability for guaranteed transport of Web
services messages over the Internet," said Rachel Helm, Director, Product
Management WebSphere Business Integration, IBM. "Integrating MQ with a
reliable, high-performance security gateway is a tremendous advantage for
our customers needing to securely integrate with partners over the

"DataPower has seen tremendous growth in Web service and XML applications
within large enterprises.  Many of these organizations are using WebSphere
MQ for messaging and guaranteed delivery, especially in the financial
services sector where reliability is essential" said Jim Ricotta, president
and CEO at DataPower Technology Inc.  "The integration between DataPower's
XAN solutions and MQ Series brings the reliability, security and performance
benefits from MQ and DataPower's XAN products together for which we expect
to see a number of large IT organizations immediately take advantage."

The integration allows the XS40 and XA35 to accept messages that come across
HTTP as well as MQ, extract the XML message, and process it based on its
source and content.  The message can undergo XML Schema validation,
message-level security with WS-Security, XSLT XML transformation, XML
digital signature, XML encryption, XPath routing or other XML processing.
Once processed, the message is routed to the appropriate destination over
either HTTP or MQ.  In addition, the XS40 and XA35 accelerate IBM WebSphere
MQ IntegratorXML Transformation Nodes; reducing latency and improving
throughput by a factor of ten (10X) or more.

The WebSphere MQ integration is part of DataPower's Firmware Release 2.3.
Release 2.3 includes other XML intelligence features including a WS-I Basic
Profile1.0 compliant SOAP interface, signed message auditing, message
velocity control, and bad message capture.

DataPower's XML-Aware Networking Products
*	XS40 Security Gateway: Powered XG3(tm) , the fastest XML processing
technology in the world, the XS40 is a diskless networking device built to
provide complete XML web services security with the wirespeed performance
necessary for robust applications. The XS40 is designed with broadest
message-level security intelligence and functionality including XML/SOAP
firewall, routing, filtering, XDoS protection, access control, schema
validation, digital signatures, and encryption of field-level XML content
for all XML Web Service message flows.  Supported standards include
WS-Security, SAML, XACML, XKMS, LDAP, SSL and RADIUS, serving as the
foundation for advanced benefits such as service virtualization and
centralized policy management.
*	XA35 XML Accelerator: Using the same award-winning XG3 technology,
the XA35 is a diskless networking device designed to offload burdensome XML
processing from resource-constrained servers.  Important XML offload
features include high-speed XSLT acceleration, XML compression, XML parsing
and XML Schema validation. The purpose-built XML Accelerator delivers
order-of-magnitude performance and scalability improvements to XML-based
applications, and seamlessly integrates into existing networks within hours
without the need to augment existing application code. 

About DataPower Technology 
DataPower Technology provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patent-pending XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that provide
immediate return on technology investments while streamlining application
deployments. Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held and based in
Cambridge, MA. Investors include Seed Capital Partners, Venrock Associates
and Mobius Venture Capital. For more information about DataPower Technology,
please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

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