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Subject: OASIS Member News: Real World Topic Maps - An XML UK Seminar

Dear Colleagues
While OASIS has three technical committees dedicated to Topic
Maps-related work, specifically the definition and use of published
subjects, many of you may still be unfamiliar with Topic Maps. If you'd
like to be a lot more conversant on Topic Maps and you are going to be
in the UK on the 5th of November, then join us in Cambridge for a day to
hear more about this new standard for organising knowledge and
information resources. 
This reasonably priced seminar sponsored by XML UK (members GBP
60/non-members GBP 110), is an excellent way to find out more about
Topic Maps and hear case studies from users. 
If you know others who would be interested in getting more information
about Topic Maps, please pass on to them.
We hope to see you there.
Real World Topic Maps - How to manage knowledge and address the
challenge of infoglut
5 November 2003
Duxford Officers' Mess, Duxford, Cambridge, UK
Sponsored by: XML UK - the UK Forum for Structured Information Standards
Seven experts provide an overview of the basic concepts, the role that
Topic Maps can play in horizontal application areas such as information
architectures, and in-depth case studies on the use of Topic Maps to
solve specific business challenges. From this one day, delegates will
come away with a solid understanding of the types of problems that can
be solved by Topic Maps and knowledge of how that is being done out
there - in the real world - today.
The programme:
 - Steve Pepper, Ontopia - The TAO of Topic Maps: Finding the Way in Age
of Information
 - Kal Ahmed, Techquila - Topic Maps for Organizing Information
 - Peter Brown, European Parliament - The European Parliament and Topic
Maps - Some Considerations
 - Ann Wrightson, Hedra - Topic Maps for Archiving and Records
Management in the UK Public Sector
 - Stian Danenbarger, Bouvet AS - The Benefits of Topic Map-driven Web
 - Antony Scott, RivCom - XTM and Shell Business Process Models
 - Jean Delahousse, Mondeca - Why Peugeot Chose a Topic Maps Based
The day will close with a question and answer session. 
For more information and registration, see:

Adrian Rivers
Managing Director
RivCom Ltd

t: +44 (0)1793 792003
f: +44 (0)1793 792001
e: adrian.rivers@rivcom.com 
w: www.rivcom.com 

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