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Subject: OASIS Member News: RTI conducting NIST survey; Accessible Online

Dear OASIS members and friends,


As a member or interested party in the activities of OASIS, you have unique insight into the nature of supply chain management issues.   Currently, working under contract for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), RTI International is evaluating the cost associated with an inadequate standards infrastructure for supply chain integration (SCI) in the automotive and electronics industries.  To help accomplish this aim, RTI is conducting a formal survey to assess SCI software usage and the challenges associated with the electronic communication of supply chain information, and we believe that your involvement is vital to our project.




The survey which we are conducting will help us analyze several specific metrics needed to determine the current status of SCI.  Costs can arise in the form of investments in purchasing and supporting multiple information systems, excess effort required to interface with incompletely integrated systems, labor hours consumed in resolving problems with supply chain software interoperability, and costs stemming from information-related production delays.  These costs are determined by the survey through assessing current adoption of SCI software by members of a supply chain and gauging relative inefficiencies within uninvested companies.




Upon completion of RTI's analysis, NIST will be better prepared to channel future investments toward projects that best address the infrastructural issues surrounding supply change management inefficiency.  The following serve as specific examples of NIST activities:


  • In 2002, Congress enacted the Enterprise Integration Act, authorizing NIST to spend $47 million over four years by focusing on the development of an electronic information exchange process for major manufacturing companies and their suppliers. 
  • Though the exact nature of past expenditures resulting from this bill is not known, currently, NIST's Manufacturing Enterprise Integration Program (MEIP) is working with a budget of $1.6 million.
  • A portion of this money is used by the MEIP to operate an interoperability testbed which was setup in coordination with the Open Applications Group (OAG), a partner of OASIS. 


If you or someone else more intimately familiar with the SCI issues of your firm would be willing to complete our survey, please go to http://supplychain.rti.org/electronics to access the questionnaire.  Feel free to collaborate with colleagues and be aware that the data you provide will be considered confidential and will only be used in aggregate with other companies.  No third parties will have access to this information, including NIST.


If you have any questions about the purpose of the survey or how to answer any of the items therein, please feel free to contact me via email at browe@rti.org or by phone at (919) 485-2626.


Thank you in advance for participating in this survey.


Best regards,

Brent Rowe



Brent Rowe

Associate Economist

Technology Economics & Policy

Research Triangle Institute

3040 Cornwallis Road, Hobbs Building

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194

phone: (919) 485-2626

fax:  (919) 541-6683




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