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Subject: News Standards Summit

NewsML, PRISM, RSS, Atom, ICE, XMP, NITF, XHTML... As interest builds
for standardizing news dissemination, concern also grows that
specifications are being developed in isolation. How do they fit? Where
will they converge? How can developers and users collaborate to identify
gaps and overlaps and ensure their systems will be able to interoperate
now and in the future?

OASIS invites you to find the answers in a one-day News Standards Summit
to be held Monday, 8 December 2003, in conjunction with XML 2003 in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The News Standards Summit will bring together major players--experts on
news metadata standards as well as commercial news providers, users, and
aggregators. Together, we will analyze the current state and future
expectations for news and publishing XML efforts from both the content
and processing model perspectives. Our goal--to increase understanding
and drive practical, productive convergence.

All interested parties are welcome to participate. Anyone who develops
or implements news exchange standards is strongly encouraged to attend,
particularly providers and users of:
-  Online content
-  Mobile communication
-  Printed news: Newspapers, magazines
-  Picture libraries

The News Standards Summit is a collaborative effort of organizations
committed to open standards development. Sponsors include:
   IDEAlliance http://www.idealliance.org
   IFRA        http://www.ifra.com
   IPTC        http://www.iptc.org
   NAA 	   http://www.naa.org
   OASIS       http://www.oasis-open.org

The program will feature presentations from the key news standards
efforts balanced by a requirements overview from a panel of
international users. The day will conclude with an open session where
productive ideas for moving forward will be proposed. Networking
opportunities will be available. The complete program is posted at

Speakers include:
  Chet Ensign, LexisNexis
  Laurent Le Meur, AFP
  Alan Karben, XML Team Solutions
  Ron Daniel, Taxonomy Strategies
  Dianne Kennedy, IDEAlliance
  Sam Ruby, IBM
  Ben Hammersley, author of "Content Syndication with RSS"

Pre-registration and a nominal meeting fee of 90 USD will be required to
cover the cost of lunch, breaks, and room fees. Register online at

Please contact me with any questions you might have on the News
Standards Summit. The event is open to all, so feel free to forward this
invitation to any colleagues or customers who may be interested. I look
forward to seeing you in December.



Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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