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Subject: OASIS Member News-GFKL Selects DataPower for Web Services Security


XS40 XML Security Gateway Provides a High-performance Solution Supporting
All the Security Requirements for Financial Services Transaction Processing,
Including XDoS Protection and SOAP Filtering

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - October 14, 2003 - DataPower Technology, Inc., the
original creator of intelligent XML-Aware Network infrastructure, announced
today that the DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway(tm) was chosen to secure
GFKL Financial Services AG's NetLease(r), a mission-critical application
that fully automates transaction processing for the company.  After a
demanding search for a centralized web services security solution capable of
delivering XML filtering, XDoS (XML Denial of Service) protection, XML
Schema validation and other essential functions without performance
degradation, GFKL selected DataPower. Using the XS40 as a high-speed,
easily-administered XML Firewall enables GFKL to achieve a significant
return on its investment in Web Services without the performance penalties
and risks that are otherwise associated with XML Web Services.

"Because our NetLease system exposes sensitive data and the underlying
business framework over Internet connections, we required the highest level
of security and every single transaction required content validation," said
Dag Demming, IT Manager at GFKL.  "Only DataPower's XS40 provided the
comprehensive functionality and wirespeed performance to handle all the XML
security processing required to meet our needs.  The fact that DataPower
built its XG3(tm) XML processing engine from the ground up for security,
rather than simply integrating third-party components, was important to us.
DataPower helped us securely achieve our business goals to accelerate all
financing requests, minimize the number of errors, lower the
cost-per-transaction compared to previous systems, and, in the end,
significantly improve the efficiency of the business process."

"GFKL, like many of our other financial services customers worldwide, needed
to get the tangible business benefits of using XML Web Services, without the
grave security risks and high cost in terms of application performance,"
said Bill Tao, VP of Engineering at DataPower Technology Inc.  "By choosing
a true network device to provide XML firewall, WS-Security and other XML
security gateway functions, GFKL achieves all the benefits of using Web
Services without any of the usual security risks. GFKL's customers, in turn,
enjoy reliable security, faster service, streamlined processes and reduced
costs. "

To automate leasing requests, GFKL's application is connected to the
business logic tier using XML Web Services for interoperability and
extensibility.  However, because the existing security infrastructure like
firewalls and IDSs do not provide message-level security and content
validation for XML Web Services traffic, GFKL selected a hardware network
device, DataPower's XS40, to implement intelligent XML filtering, XDoS
protection and access control.  The performance of the XS40 is orders of
magnitude higher than any alternative solution and, with support for
XML-based configurations of security polices and filter rulesets, the XS40
provides a unique combination of appliance-like ease-of-use and extreme
flexibility for adapting to nascent standards.  The XS40 was configured and
integrated quickly into GFKL's NetLease platform with no changes to the XML
Web Services application, proving the value of transparent security. Future
modifications of the application interfaces can be implemented with minimal
time or cost. Using the XS40 Security Gateway as the key component of a
multi-layered security architecture, the NetLease project was quickly
implemented to successful deployment.

Additionally, GFKL relied on the expertise of Avantgarde, a system
integrator that specializes in solutions for web based supervision and
billing of technical devices, security for Web Services applications and
security concepts for IT infrastructures.  Based on the success of GFKL with
DataPower's XS40 XML Security Gateway, Avantgarde has become another
DataPower reseller.  For more information on the DataPower and Avantgarde
relationship, please see today's associated news: "DataPower Expands the
Global Reach of XML-Aware Networking with Avantgarde Reseller Relationship,"
October 14, 2003.

About DataPower Technology
DataPower Technology provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patent-pending XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that provide
immediate return on technology investments while streamlining application
deployments. Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held and based in
Cambridge, MA. Investors include Seed Capital Partners, Venrock Associates
and Mobius Venture Capital. For more information about DataPower Technology,
please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

For more information please contact:
Kevin M Anderson
DataPower Technology, Inc.
617-864-0455 x360

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