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Subject: OASIS Member New: XML Cup Presented to Michael Sperberg-McQueen of W3C, Adam Bosworth of BEA

XML Cup 2003 Awards Presented to Michael Sperberg-McQueen of W3C, Adam
Bosworth of BEA

Annual Awards Honor Achievements, Contributions to XML Standard

Alexandria, VA - Dec. 10, 2003 - IDEAlliance, a leading trade association
dedicated to fostering information technology standards, today presented the
XML Cup 2003 for contributions to XML to Michael Sperberg-McQueen of the
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Adam Bosworth of BEA Systems, Inc.
(NASDAQ: BEAS).  The Cup was presented during the Wednesday Keynote Session
of the XML Conference and Exposition 2003.

"Adam Bosworth and Michael Sperberg-McQueen have both been instrumental in
making XML successful", said Lauren Wood, Chair of the XML 2003 Conference,
who awarded the Cup. "They persuaded different communities to use XML, have
thought deeply about potential problems and how to solve them, and have been
an inspiration for many people. We're honored that both Michael and Adam are
speaking at XML 2003 and congratulate them on being awarded the Cup."

“Within the XML community, it is generally acknowledged that XML as we know
it today would not exist without Michael and Adam’s efforts,” said Marion L.
Elledge, Vice President of Information Technology Alliances and Conferences,
IDEAlliance.  “The XML Cup Awards were created to honor our industry’s true
visionaries and pioneers, and these two gentlemen certainly qualify.”

More about the XML Cup Winners

Michael Sperberg-McQueen is the Architecture Domain Leader for the World
Wide Web Consortium, an international member organization responsible for
developing interoperable Web technologies (specifications, guidelines,
software, and tools.  He co-edited the XML 1.0 specification and the
guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative; he also co-chairs the W3C XML
Coordination Group and the W3C XML Schema Working Group.

“Michael's depth of knowledge and passion has played a key role in the
creation of XML as we know it,” declared Tim Berners-Lee, Web inventor and
W3C Director.  “Drawing on the experiences in both the Text Encoding
Initiative and his foundation work on XML 1.0, Michael has contributed
greatly to structured data evolution on the Web, for which W3C and I are
most grateful. I'm pleased to see that the XML 2003 Planning Committee
shares our sentiments and chose to award him the XML Cup.”

Adam Bosworth is Chief Architect and Senior Vice President of Advanced
Development at BEA Systems, driving the strategic and technical direction
for the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform. Before joining BEA, Bosworth
co-founded Crossgain, a software development firm acquired by BEA in 2001.
Prior to starting Crossgain, he was a senior manager at Microsoft, where he
drove the company's XML program from 1997 through 1999. He was then named
General Manager of Microsoft's WebData organization, a team focused on
refining the company's long-term XML strategy.

"Our industry is undergoing constant innovation, and it has been a thrill to
be on the frontlines. I'm honored to have been chosen amongst this group of
experts as the recipient of the 2003 XML Cup. IDEAlliance's XML Conference
showcases the advancement of XML technology, and is an impressive gathering
of visionaries" said Adam Bosworth, BEA Systems chief architect and senior
vice president of advanced development.

About XML 2003

XML 2003 programs focus on critical XML topics such as B2B, content
management, graphics and multimedia, publishing, vertical industry
applications, Web services, and more.  For more information, visit

About IDEAlliance

IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit
membership organization.  Its mission is to advance user-driven,
cross-industry solutions for all publishing and content-related processes by
developing standards, fostering business alliances, and identifying best
practices.  Founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association,
IDEAlliance has been a leader in information technology, developing Document
Markup Metalanguage (GENCODE), sponsoring the Standard Generalized Markup
Language (SGML), and fostering the eXtensible Markup Language (XML).
IDEAlliance builds on these languages to create specifications that enhance
efficiency and speed information in all aspects of publishing and
content-related processes. Learn more about IDEAlliance at
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Joy Blake Scott
Longleaf Public Relations
Phone: 303-639-6069
Fax: 303-639-9062

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