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Subject: Recordare Announces MusicXML 1.0

Recordare Announces MusicXML 1.0

LOS ALTOS, CA (January 14, 2004) - Recordare LLC, an Internet music
software and publishing company, has released version 1.0 of MusicXML.
MusicXML is the first file format that allows the common Western music
notation used in printed sheet music to be fully shared among a wide
range of computer applications.

Recordare has also released new versions of its Dolet for Finale and
Dolet for Sibelius plug-ins that support MusicXML 1.0. The Dolet
plug-ins serve as "universal translators" between music notation
programs. Dolet for Finale 1.3 reads and writes MusicXML files, allowing
Finale to communicate with any other application that supports MusicXML.
Dolet for Sibelius 1.1 writes MusicXML files that can be shared with
users of Finale, Turandot, and other programs that can read MusicXML.

"While MusicXML support has been shipping with Finale and SharpEye Music
Reader for some time, we wanted real-life experience with a wider range
of applications before releasing version 1.0," stated Michael Good, CEO
of Recordare LLC. "Now that applications such as MuseBook Score and the
Rosegarden sequencer use MusicXML, we have reached that goal."

Korean pianist Choong-Mo Kang used AMuseTec's MuseBook Score in his
December 20 performance of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier II at the Seoul
Arts Center Concert Hall. The MuseBook is an electronic music stand that
displays MusicXML scores and automates page turns for the performer.
"The MusicXML format is a great interface for various musical needs,"
stated Doill Jung, CEO of AMuseTec Co., Ltd. "MusicXML is very
well-suited as a solution for us, and I hope it will be the standard of
the music industry in the near future."

MusicXML is supported by 25 different programs running on Windows,
Macintosh, and Linux systems. These include the leading music notation
editors (Finale and Sibelius), leading music scanning programs (SharpEye
Music Reader and PhotoScore Professional), plus algorithmic composition
programs, sequencers, music stands, and tablature editors. This combined
support makes MusicXML far and away the most widely adopted music
notation format since MIDI.

For additional information, please contact Michael Good at:

Recordare LLC
PO Box 3459
Los Altos, CA 94024

Toll-free: (866) XML-NOTE or 965-6683
International: +1 (650) 965-7267

Recordare and Dolet are registered trademarks of Recordare LLC. Finale,
Sibelius, MuseBook, and PhotoScore are registered trademarks of their
respective companies.

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