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Subject: IDEAlliance revives TechDoc Series

TechDoc Summer Workshops, June 28-30, 2004, Marriott Gateway Hotel, Crystal City, VA

IDEAlliance is reviving its popular TechDoc Workshop Series.  The first workshops will be held June 28-30 at the Marriott Gateway Hotel in Crystal City, VA. The IDEAlliance TechDoc 2004 Summer Workshops will provide an opportunity for members of the TechDoc community to network, learn, and address common issues in a highly interactive workshop format.  Workshop sessions will include SGML to XML: Best Practices, Graphics for TechDoc: Issues and Answers, Darwin Information Type Architecture (DITA), XSL-FO for Technical Documentation, DTD or XSD: Which Should I use? Best Practices for Army Work Packages, Natural Language Translation/Localization and the CGM vs. SVG Shootout.  See http://www.tech-doc.org/summer2004/ for registration and program information.  Join the TechDoc Network at http://www.tech-doc.org/



Marion L. Elledge


Telephone: (251) 432-3766

email: melledge@idealliance.org


Check out news and upcoming events at:



TechDoc Summer Workshops

June 28-30, 2004


Watch for details!


Extreme Markup Languages

August 2-6, 2004



XML 2004

November 15-19, 2004





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