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Subject: LISA Forum Russia - The Insiders Look at Outsourcing

The LISA Forum Russia "The Insiders Look at Outsourcing!"
June 9 - 12, 2004
At the Peak of World-Famous White Nights!
Co-locating with the Software Outsourcing Summit 2004, Russia's largest
software conference for international development clients.

The LISA Forum Russia will focus on the opportunities, challenges and
risks of the outsourcing. Russia with its experience in multilingual
projects has its own answers to the questions: How to manage your
offshore partner? What are the best tasks to outsource and why? How to
manage your outsourcing risks? The result will be 3 days of dedicated
focus on outsourcing, with special emphasis on how the most successful
companies are making their business with their partners. They will share
their experience with the conference participants through a number of
Outsourcing Localization case studies.

Over 400 clients are estimated for this collaborative event. A three-day
exhibition will give an opportunity for over 20 companies - developers,
providers and suppliers to demonstrate their  translation and
localization products and services in Resource Channel Sessions.

To Register: www.lisa.org/events/2004russia/registration.html
To Exhibit: http://www.lisa.org/events/2004russia/ex_registration.html
More Info: http://www.lisa.org/events/2004russia/


* TUTORIAL - Using XML for Localization
. Yves Savourel, Localization Solutions Architect, RWS Group

* TUTORIAL - Understanding Localization - The basics!
. Arle Lommel, LISA

* KEYNOTE - Global IT Outsourcing Plenary
  Global IT Outsourcing Industry and Place of Russia in the Global
Picture . Joseph Feiman, VP, Gartner Group

* KEYNOTE: Your Only Questions about Localization should be "WHEN?" and
"WHERE?" . Don De Palma, President, Commonsense Advisory Inc.

* Global Benefits and Risks of Global IT Outsourcing - Opinion of from
Fortune 100 Company . William Metz, Global Business Services
Organization, Procter & Gamble

* PLENARY SESSION: Exploiting Globalization Benefits: Outsourcing and
Vendor Selection
  Serge Gladkoff, President, Logrus International

* WORKSHOP: Automating Quality Control in L10n process
. Nathalie De Sutter, Project Manager & Heidi Van Hiel, Language
Engineer, Ycomm Europe NV

* PLENARY SESSION: Language Groups
. David Matuska, International Operations Manager, Skrivanek Translation

* PLENARY SESSION: Knowledge Management & Outsourcing in L10n
. Janaina Wittner, Senior Project Manager, WH&P

* Using XML for Localization
* Localization Standards
. Yves Savourel, Localization Solutions Architect, RWS Group
. Arle Lommel, LISA

* PLENARY SESSION: Localization Outsourcing: What Model is the Best? .
Konstantin Josseliani, General Director, ILS

* PANEL SESSION: Cyrillic Languages Outsourcing: Major Issues Commonly
Overseen . Roman Mirakhmedov, Business Development Manger, ILS

* PANEL SESSION: How to Manage your Offshore Partner.
   What are the Best Tasks to Outsource, and Why?
   How to structure Outsourcing Relationships.
   Managing Translation Workflow

* PLENARY SESSION: Automated Translation Process: Advantages and
Disadvantages . Svetlana Svetova, Language Service Director, PROMT

* CASE STUDY: Localization Outsourcing: a New Methodology
. John Papaioannou, Bentley Systems


**LISA Forum Russia Sponsors and Collaborators**

. RWS Group . RUSSOFT . Fort-Ross Consortium

** Language Technology  and Services Exhibitors **
. SDL International . PROMT . TEMA Development . E-Style Software .
Miratech Software . OSI Software GmbH . Arcadia Inc. . IBA . Novavox .
EPAM Systems . Digital Design . Aplana Sotware . LANIT-Tercom .
BridgeQuest . Prognoz. eVelopers . STAR Software LLC . Web Space Station
. "Strela" LLC . Auriga Inc.

- Notices -
Founded in 1990, LISA is the premier professional organization for the
GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and
Translation) business community. With more than 400 members from the
high-tech and vertical market sectors, LISA is well-known for its best
practice guidelines for language technology standards and enterprise
globalization. It's the organization to join when you're serious about
international business.

Please cc: lisa@lisa.org

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