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Subject: OASIS Member News: 10 Leading Software Companies Achieve Milestone Results in Interoperability Testing Using Drummond Group's InSitu

10 Leading Software Companies Achieve Milestone Results in Interoperability
Testing Using Drummond Group's InSitu(TM)

    New Automated Technology Delivers Speed, Scalability for bTrade, Cleo,
         Cyclone Commerce, Exim Technologies, GXS, IBM, /n software,
       Sterling Commerce, TIBCO and TrailBlazer in AS2 1Q04 Test Round

    AUSTIN, Texas, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) today
announced 10 major software companies utilized its automated technology,
InSitu(TM), and achieved milestone results in software testing during its
Interoperability testing and certification round conducted in the first
quarter 2004 (1Q04). Through InSitu automation, these companies were able to
successfully exchange and evaluate thousands of test messages with each
in demonstrating their interoperability.
    Designed to automate interoperability and conformance testing, DGI's
InSitu technology can reduce manpower expenditures, address backward
compatibility issues and provide global support across multiple time zones.
Ten of the 30 software companies that participated in the recent test round
implemented InSitu. These companies included bTrade, Inc., Cleo
Communications, Cyclone Commerce, Global eXchange Services, IBM,
Technologies, /n software inc., Sterling Commerce, TIBCO Software Inc. and
TrailBlazer Systems, Inc.
    "As more companies seek to certify their software solutions, InSitu's
automated technology revolutionizes interoperability testing and delivers
cost-effective results quickly," said Rik Drummond, DGI's Chief Executive
Officer and Chief Scientist. "An increased growth in test rounds
the need to adopt innovative methods that further enable the adoption of new
technical standards to support an interoperable worldwide marketplace."
    DGI's InSitu technology provides increased levels of flexibility and
reduces the software testing companies' manpower requirements to
one-tenth of the effort required by manually testing. By automating the
sending and receiving of test commands defined for each scenario, InSitu
technology drastically reduces the time and staffing demanded for testing.
    "bTrade realized vast productivity improvements by using InSitu,
our developers more time to continue enhancing the bTrade suite of B2B
products and services for our 200,000+ customers," said David Lonsdale,
chairman and CEO. "bTrade has worked with the Drummond Group for several
years, and is committed to the standards-based community and participating
its latest testing improvements."
    "Cleo is pleased once again to participate as an early adopter of the
InSitu technology," said Todd Enneking, Director of Engineering and
Information Technology for Cleo Communications. "Using InSitu to certify our
VersaLex and LexiCom products, Cleo is able to quickly deliver new features
and product enhancements, thereby living up to our promise to respond to our
customers' rapidly evolving needs."
    "As a seasoned provider of B2B ebusiness-oriented automation software
first-time participants in the AS2 interoperability testing, we were
with the ease of use of InSitu in automating the testing process," said
Nigam, president, MicroD*-Exim Technologies. "Having tools like InSitu for
interoperability testing is what will make the wide-scale adoption of AS2
technology easier with many different AS2-based software packages
synergistically working together."
    "Sterling Commerce is pleased to participate in the InSitu program as a
part of our continued commitment to fielding interoperable solutions that
essential to our customers' B2B collaboration. Leveraging this tool has
us increase the efficiency of the interoperability verification process,"
Brian Gibb, Director, Standards and Strategic Technology, Sterling Commerce.
    "Our collaborative efforts with Drummond Group and using the InSitu
technology has cut our testing time in half compared to performing the
interoperability testing manually," said Daniel Bechtel, Manager of
Development and Support Services for TrailBlazer Systems, Inc.
    To facilitate the quick implementation and ROI of InSitu technology, DGI
has launched the InSitu Development Program at no additional cost to
participating software vendors. Beginning in July, DGI also will be offering
the InSitu Development Program for AS1, AS2, AS3 and ebXML Message Service
test rounds.

    Additional information and FAQs about InSitu may be found at:
    To register for upcoming test rounds utilizing InSitu, please visit:

    About Drummond Group Inc.
    Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) is an independent, privately held company that
works with software vendors, vertical industries and the standards community
to drive adoption for standards by conducting interoperability and
testing, publishing related strategic research and developing vertical
industry strategies. Founded in 1999, DGI represents best-of-breed in the
industry on linking horizontal infrastructure technologies, standards and
interoperability issues with the needs of vertical industries such as
grocery, health care, transportation, government and automotive. For more
information, please visit http://www.drummondgroup.com or email:

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