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Subject: LISA Global Strategies Summit USA - Register Now! June 21-23

LISA Global Strategies 2004 Summit
Managing Global Content Expansion
June 21-24, San Francisco Bay, Foster City CA

The LISA's 49th International Conference & Language Technology and
Services Exhibition
Showing companies how to apply open-standards to improve their bottom

At LISA's 2004 Global Strategies Summit, industry clients, systems
developers and global business experts will show you how GMS, CMS,
language processing tools, open standards, and outsourcing help improve
your company's bottom line.

Register now.

AGENDA:         http://www.lisa.org/events/2004usa/agenda.html
REGISTER:       http://www.lisa.org/events/2004usa/registration.html
EXHIBIT:        http://www.lisa.org/events/2004usa/ex_registration.html

WORKSHOPS: 	http://www.lisa.org/events/2004usa/workshops/
		. Automating Localization Workflow
		. Effective Solutions with MT
		. XML and Localization

		. Creating International Software
		. Producing Multilingual Documentation: Cost Effective
Design and DTP
		. Localization Project Management
		. Creating Multilingual Web Sites


  Optimizing Your Content Supply Chain
.  George Kondrach, Executive Vice President - Innodata Isogen

* KEYNOTE "Don't Just Do It - Automate It!"
  Tools and Processes Used For Automating Localization File Handling
. Bonnie Bonome - Globalization Project Manager, IBM/Tivoli Systems Inc.
. Subhas Palchowdhury, Program Director and PDT Lead , Globalization
Application, Process and Tools - IBM

* Increasing Productivity and Cost Savings Through the Intelligent
Deployment of Translation Technology
.  Savitha Varadan, Global Web Content Manager - PeopleSoft Inc

* Open Standards for CMS, Translation, and Localization
.  Bryan Schnabel, Information Architect - Tektronix Inc.

* "More For Less"
  Managing Localization Vendors, International Product Delivery and
Customer Support on a Shoestring Budget
.  Petra Nelson, Localization Manager - Autodesk/Discreet

* Multimodal Initiatives - Understanding the International Enterprise
  More Businesses Demand Access to and Integration with
Multiple-Platform, Language and Applications
.  Igor Jablokov, Program Director of Multimodal and Voice Portal
Products - IBM Corporation

* OSCAR Implementing Localization Industry Standards
.  Yves Savourel, Localization Solutions Architect - ENLASO Corporation
.  Gerard Cattin Des Bois, Program Manager - Microsoft
.  Andrzej Zydron, CTO - XML International

* How Open Standards and Trust Promote Commerce
.  Dr. Alan K. Melby, Director of the BYU Translation Research Group

.  Luc Van Haute, VP Sales & Marketing - Trisoft

* CLIENT CASE STUDY - Manufacturing
.  Peter Jaeger, Project Manager, Cisco Systems,

* CLIENT CASE STUDY - Customer Care
.  Liesl Leary, Sr. Globalization Consultant - ENLASO Corporationo
.  Brooke Watts, System Project Manager - Satmetrix Systems

* XML & Localization
  Earning Money with Legacy Data
.  Dan Dube, Director, Business Development - Innodata Isogen

* Why Do I Need to Pay for Localization Project Management?
.  Willem Stoeller, VP Globalization - Welocalize

* Optimizing Translation; QA Processes; TM Segments and Terminology
.  Terry Lawlor, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing - SDL
International Ltd.

* XML <> TM  A Radical New Approach to Translating XML Documents
. Andrzej Zydron, CTO - XML International

* Automating Content Localization
.  Mark Bierle, Business Development Manager - P.H. Brink International

* Quality: Where Does It Come From and How Can I Get Some?
.  Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO - acrolinx GmbH

PANEL DISCUSSION - Defining Globalization Requirements

* Architecture, Standards, Compliance and Tools
.  Claudia Galvan, Senior engineering Manager, Adobe
.  Pierre Cadieux, President, i18N Inc.

PANEL DISCUSSION - Language Processing Technology and Standards

* Language Technology Review
.  Mike Dillinger, Translation Technology Consultant - Venturi
Technology Partners

* Multilingual Services and Software for the Olympic Games
.  Gudrun Magnusdottir, Managing Director - ESTeam AB

* A Term Extraction and Glossary Embedding System
.  Naoyuki Tokuda Director, Research and Development - SunFlare Company
.  Pingkui Hou, Research Engineer - SunFlare Company

PANEL DISCUSSION - CMS and GMS: What is being achieved today, and How?

* Content Management Systems (CMS) and Globalization Management Systems
.  Barbara Burbach, ESG Internationalization & Unicode Manager - Hewlett
.  Jessica Roland, Group Product Manager, International Product
Operations - Documentum Inc.
.  Ryan Kuder - GCMS Product Manager, eBay, Inc.
.  Lee French - Shared Services Manager, The Integrity Group

PANEL DISCUSSION - Outsourcing: Offshore business opportunity and

* Localization Outsourcing: Why Russia is Competitive
.  Leonid Glazytchev - General Manager, Logrus International

* Localization Outsourcing to Latin America: The Argentinean Case
. Gabriela Bosco - General Manager, Pampa Translations

* Comparative Advantages of Russia, China and India as Major Outsourcing
.  Valentin Makarov, President - Fort Ross Consortium

* Offshore Outsourcing: Best Practices for Small and Medium Size
.  Alexei Miller, Director, Project Management - DataArt

LISA Global Strategies Summit Sponsors

* CLS Communication * SDL International * Innodata Isogen *
* Detroit Translation Bureau * ENLASO Corporation * TRADOS *

___Media Sponsor
   Software Business

___Exhibitors of Language Technology Solutions and Services
* acrolinx GmbH * SDL International * Innodata Isogen * TRADOS *
* ADAPT Localization Services * P.H. Brink International *

- Notices -
Founded in 1990, LISA is the premier standards organization for the GILT
(Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation)
business community. With more than 400 members from the high-tech and
vertical market sectors, LISA is well-known for its best practice
guidelines for language technology standards and enterprise

Please cc: lisa@lisa.org

* We apologize if you received duplicates of this announcement.

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