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Subject: Arbortext Enterprise Publishing Software Expands DITA Support in Version 5.1

Arbortext Enterprise Publishing Software Expands 
DITA Support in Version 5.1

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, September 20, 2004 -- Arbortext, Inc., the leading
provider of Enterprise Publishing software, today announced its newest
product release, Arbortext 5.1, is now available.  In addition to many
product enhancements, Arbortext has also expanded its support for Darwin
Information Typing Architecture (DITA), an IBM-created, OASIS-sponsored
initiative that is an XML-based, end-to-end architecture for authoring,
producing and delivering technical information.

Arbortext 5.1 DITA enhancements includes:
*	Five document types added.  Topic, Task, Reference, Concept and
Ditabase have been added to support DITA and enable authors to create
content based on the DITA methodology.
*	Custom table support.  Also referred to as semantic tables,
Arbortext 5.1 supports custom tables, which not only conforms to DITA's
table models (simpletable, choicetable) and properties, but also allows
users to select their own tags to be displayed and edited in a tabular
*	Conref support.   Conref is DITA's inclusion method used to
include content from another file, which enables efficient reuse of
*	Specialization support.  With the ability to use a single
stylesheet to control the style of Topic, Task, Concept, Reference and
other DITA applications, users can quickly expand their publishing
applications as well as easily incorporate content produced in other
DITA-aware systems.
Arbortext 5.1 also contains many enhancements, including:
*	Styler.  Numerous usability improvements to reduce the learning
curve and streamline usage, including help with creating XPath
expressions, no style support within Style Helper, undo/redo buttons on
the toolbar and column sorting on elements.
*	DCAM.  Viewing available targets within the current document is
now presented in a familiar tree structure, which simplifies finding and
selecting link targets.  Customers also have the capability of searching
for a link target within the insert link dialog, which further
streamlines the user experience.
*	Epic Editor.  Users can use the custom table support for DITA to
specify their own tags for displaying content in a table format, which
lets users gain easier processing of their tabular information while
displaying that information in an intuitive and easy-to-edit view.
*	E3.  Composition improvements provide more layout flexibility
and include the addition of XSL-FO side regions.

"Arbortext 5.1 builds on the strong foundation of Arbortext 5.0," said
PG Bartlett, Vice President of Product Marketing for Arbortext.  "We're
particularly excited about offering support for DITA, which promises to
streamline development and maintenance of technical publishing systems
within a system built on best practices. Arbortext will continue to add
to its support for DITA in upcoming releases."

The company is experiencing strong demand for its Enterprise Publishing
software in key industries such as life sciences, manufacturing,
aerospace, and publishing, where organizations are tackling the
challenges of regulatory compliance issues, enterprise collaboration
initiatives, customer service enhancements, and national security

About Arbortext 
Arbortext is the leading provider of Enterprise Publishing software that
enables organizations to create and automatically publish large amounts
of information, such as technical manuals, pharmaceutical product
information, legal information and software documentation.  Enterprises
around the world use our software to publish in multiple languages to
multiple audiences in multiple hardcopy and electronic output formats.
Arbortext's software is installed at over 1,400 organizations worldwide.

Current customers include American Express Financial Services, Audi,
Boeing, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Caterpillar, DaimlerChrysler,
Ericsson Telecom, Ford, General Electric, GM, IBM, International Thomson
Publishing, Lucent, Nokia, Nortel Networks, PeopleSoft, Pfizer, Ricoh,
Sun Microsystems, Toyota, United Airlines, Volkswagen and Volvo.
Arbortext is a founding member and active participant in the XML
Activity of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Headquartered in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, USA, Arbortext has offices around the world. For more
information, please visit www.arbortext.com.

Contact: 	Beth Ambaruch, APR			David Stone	
	  	Arbortext, Inc.				Ketchum
	  	+1 734.327.6014			+1 312.228.6967

		Press room:



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