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Subject: RouteOne Named to the Infoworld 100 for Web Service System Secured by DataPower's XML-Aware Networking Devices


Elite InfoWorld Ranking Recognizes RouteOne's Innovative Web Service
Credit Application Management System Secured by DataPower's XS40 XML
Security Gateway

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - December 13, 2004  - DataPower, the original creator
and leading provider of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN)
infrastructure, today announced that RouteOne LCC has been named to the
InfoWorld 100 for its Credit Application Management System (CAMS) based
on RouteOne's innovative and highly secure Web service architecture
enabled by DataPower's XS40 XML Security Gateway. RouteOne is a joint
venture formed by DaimlerChrysler Services, Ford Motor Credit Company,
General Motors Acceptance Corporation, and Toyota Financial Services to
redefine and improve the credit application process for automobile
dealers and their customers. RouteOne offers dealers a common platform
for submitting credit application information to multiple finance
sources with which they do business. Automotive dealers and their
finance sources can exchange credit application and credit decisions in
real-time, using RouteOne's web-based network which acts as the central
processing hub.    Finance source response time is dramatically improved
from hours to minutes.

Arguably the largest and longest running Web service in production
utilizing XML-aware networking solutions, RouteOne announced its
selection of DataPower to secure its deployment almost two (2) years ago
for DataPower's unsurpassed ability to meet RouteOne's security and
performance needs. (See associated press release: "DataPower and
RouteOne Pave The Way For Secure Web Services in Major Automobile Credit
Network" at http://www.datapower.com/newsroom/pr_011303_routeone.html)

Each year, InfoWorld honors a host of innovative projects that highlight
the resourcefulness of the IT community. RouteOne's CAMS links thousands
of dealers nationwide to multiple finance sources.  DataPower's XS40 was
selected for its leading Web services security features, scalability,
wirespeed XML processing and Digital Signatures, SSL acceleration and
its ability to easily and quickly adapt to emerging standards and policy
changes within RouteOne's application. Following extensive testing,
RouteOne found that XS40 outperformed competing software and hardware
solutions by a significant margin. As such, the XS40 was selected for
its ability to provide robust security without any performance

"RouteOne is honored to be recognized by InfoWorld for providing our
innovative, common platform for the efficient and speedy exchange of
credit application and decision information between our automobile
dealer customers and their finance sources, and dramatically
streamlining the credit application process," said Joel Gruber, CIO at
RouteOne.  "Selecting DataPower's unmatched Web services security
technology and expertise is a critical reason for our success and a
critical building block for our reliable and secure solution that we
believe will become the industry standard."

"This year, InfoWorld honors a host of innovative projects that
highlight the resourcefulness of the IT community," said Eric Knorr,
senior features editor. "IT departments have learned hard lessons about
business realities and realistic ROI. The InfoWorld 100 provides a forum
for IT managers to get the recognition they deserve for smart projects
from an audience of their peers."

The InfoWorld 100 honors companies that demonstrate the most creative
use of cutting-edge technologies to further their business goals.
Companies were nominated by InfoWorld readers, technology partners and
end-user companies in late-summer. Solutions must stretch beyond the
typical, off-the-shelf solution, using technologies in innovative ways
to serve well-defined business goals. Winners were formally announced in
the November 15, 2004 edition of InfoWorld and available online at:
DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway
The XS40 XML Security Gateway is purpose-built by some of the world's
top XML and security experts to secure XML Web Services transactions and
designed to help enterprises overcome the two critical barriers for
deploying XML Web services: security risks and performance bottlenecks.
The XS40 is a true network hardware device that serves as a secure XML
Web services proxy and access policy enforcement point in front of the
application servers. 

The XS40 delivers hardened security and wirespeed performance using
sophisticated, patented algorithms for XML firewall, XDoS protection;
SOAP filtering; access control; XML schema validation; field-level
digital signatures and XML encryption; XML routing; service
virtualization; SAML-based federated identity management. It leads
industry in integration with identity management solutions including
RSA, Computer Associates, Oblix, IBM, Sun, Microsoft and Netegrity;
support for critical Web services standards like WS-Security,
WS-Addressing, WS-SecureConversation, and other WS-* specifications;
wirespeed XML and Web services security processing performance;
carrier-grade reliability and scale; and its award-winning, easy-to-use

About DataPower Technology 
DataPower provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patented XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that
provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining
application deployments.  Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held
and based in Cambridge, MA  For more information about DataPower, please
contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

About RouteOne
Established in April 2002, RouteOne LLC is a joint venture formed by
DaimlerChrysler Services, Ford Motor Credit Company, General Motors
Acceptance Corporation, and Toyota Financial Services to improve the
credit application process for automobile dealers, their customers and
participating financial institutions.  The joint venture is developing a
web-based system that will enable dealers and their finance sources,
including captives, banks and other financial institutions, to exchange
credit application and decision information online.  More information is
available at www.routeone.com.

For more information please contact:
Kevin M Anderson						Suzi
DataPower 							RouteOne
617-864-0455 x360

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