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Subject: DataPower Extends Lead in Application-oriented Networking

DataPower Extends Lead in Application-oriented Networking  with 3.1 Release for the Industry's Most Widely Deployed Integration Appliance

XI50 XML Integration Appliance v3.1 Provides Key Customer-Driven Enhancements Further Enabling the Enterprise Shift from Packet to Message-based Networks

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - January 31, 2004 - DataPowerŪ, the original creator and leading provider of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN) infrastructure, announced today the availability of firmware release v3.1 for the XI50 XML Integration Appliance(tm).  Deployed by leading Global 1000 firms such as CIBC, the XI50 exemplifies DataPower's vision for evolving the IT operating environment from a packet-oriented to an application-oriented network infrastructure and overcomes the barriers of scalable integration and application security. DataPower's XML-aware networking devices enable a new, innovative way to dramatically reduce operational complexity by applying the success factors of traditional networking to the application layer and delivering greater operational efficiency, higher standardization, greater scalability and reduced cost of ownership.

The XI50 XML Integration Appliance is the 3rd member of the DataPower application-aware networking product family (which includes the award-winning XS40 XML Security Gateway(tm) and XA35 XML Accelerator(tm)). The XI50 provides a drop-in solution for mainframe XML & SOA enablement, wirespeed enterprise message buses, and secure enterprise application integration.  Recently, the XI50 XML Integration Appliance was selected as a product of the year for the "Integration" category (See: DataPower XML Integration Appliance Selected as a "Product of the Year" And Showcases The Evolving shift from Packet-oriented to Application-oriented Network Infrastructure).

Following in the footsteps of the XA35 and XS40, purpose-built for enterprise customers' XML acceleration and Web services security needs, the XI50 Integration Appliance is designed for customers with demanding application integration requirements.  Informed by DataPower's years of experience with mission-critical XML deployments with leading Global 1000 customers, v3.1 incorporates key updates to advanced features including:

§	Universal Transformation Engine - Performs any-to-any translation between disparate data formats. XI50 can parse, route and transform arbitrary binary, flat text and XML messages, including EDI, COBOL, CSV, ASN.1 and ebXML. Unlike products based on hard-coded middleware adapters, DataPower's patent-pending DataGlue(tm) technology uses a fully declarative, metadata-based approach. Easy to use visual tools are available to configure format descriptors, mappings and message choreography.

§	Multimode Transport - Supporting application routing for a range of transport protocols, including HTTP, SOAP, SSL, and WebSphere MQ Series for reliable messaging.

§	Secure Foundation - In addition to efficiently connecting previously incompatible systems with the ease of deployment and operation of an appliance solution, the XI50 provides essential message-level security and access control based on the award-winning XS40 XML Security Gateway. Messages can be filtered, validated, encrypted and signed, ensuring secure enablement of high-value applications. Supported technologies include WS-Security, SAML and LDAP. 

*	Management & configuration enhancements - Numerous improvements to the XI50 WebGUI increases ease of use and manageability.

"By enhancing the Integration Appliance's capabilities, particularly around its ability to quickly transform data between a wide variety of formats, DataPower's solution will appeal to a broad range of companies looking for a reliable, relatively inexpensive, and  performance-oriented solution to many integration challenges," said Tom Rhinelander, analyst with New Rowley Group. "Since it is not limited to handling just XML, the appliance will resonate with IT organizations that dream of an SOA future but must deal with the reality of managing multiple proprietary, industry-and company-specific and legacy data formats."

"Since 1999, DataPower has constantly advanced our core XML strength, and the latest version of the XI50 exemplifies DataPower's ability to create highly deployable, focused products that solve some of the most pressing problems facing IT today," said Bill Tao, VP Engineering at DataPower.  "The maturation of features in our 3.1 firmware release, the XI50's rapid adoption and deployment in the market place, and our recent 'Product of the Year' award continues to validate our broader application-oriented networking vision."

About DataPower 
DataPower provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services. DataPower's patented XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining application deployments.  Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held and based in Cambridge, MA.  For more information about DataPower, please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

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