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Subject: Digital Evolution Introduces Industry's First XML VPN for .NET













Digital Evolution Introduces Industry’s First XML VPN for .NET

 New B2B Web Services Security Solution for .NET Drives Partner Communications Using .NET Web Services


RSA Conference & Expo, San Francisco (Booth #1619)—February 15, 2005—Digital Evolution™, a leading provider of SOA and Web services management and security software; today announced the release of the industry’s first business-to-business Web services security solution for .NET Web services.  Digital Evolution’s XML VPN version 4.2 is now shipping and is in production at several large retail and financial service organizations.  The XML VPN is the ideal platform for offering .NET services to partners. It can secure any XML Web service and provides specific extensions for discovery and automated provisioning of .NET services, making Web services communication and consumption between partners easy and secure.


With the rapid adoption of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) standards by enterprises and government organizations, XML and Web services are becoming the inevitable and best choice for exposing and consuming corporate information among disparate parties. More and more organizations are creating Web services in .NET, and need to expose these services to partners. Enterprise partners need to share information to support critical business processes including inventory management, purchasing, accounting, trading and numerous emerging business models. By offering XML and Web services to partners, companies are reporting dramatic business growth and cost savings.


“Companies are increasingly using Microsoft .NET-based Web services for business-to-business interactions,” said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink, LLC.  “Tapping into this rapid growth, Digital Evolution’s XML VPN for .NET will significantly add to the capabilities of the .NET platform by helping organizations manage the provisioning and security of partner communications.”


Digital Evolution’s XML VPN allows companies to drive their partners to consume Web services securely and easily.  The powerful provisioning technologies built-in to the XML VPN automatically create virtual service tunnels between partners, allowing applications to consume partner services securely without worrying about the complexity and cost of building security technologies into the application. Digital Evolution’s strong experience with all types of SOA and Web services including J2EE, .NET and back-office application services (mainframe, Oracle, SAP and others) applied to the XML VPN for .NET solutions ensures complete interoperability between .NET and other Web services.


“Increasing numbers of organizations are building new applications using .NET, and are exposing .NET Web services to their partners,” said Paul Gigg, CEO of Digital Evolution.  “XML VPN for .NET helps organizations securely expose their services, and more importantly, to drive partner adoption of these services to speed time-to-value.”


The Digital Evolution XML VPN product family securely extends XML and Web services based application interfaces into selected partner organizations giving them the ability to manage their XML communication with partners in three fundamental ways.

  • Security - the XML VPN product family supplies the critical security needed to manage transactions, authenticate users, authorize what can be done by users as well as provide privacy and non-repudiation.   It also includes compressive automated PKI support.
  • Provisioning - the XML VPN controller is a provisioning tool that gives enterprises an automated means to invite, and then coordinate a community of Web services consumers.
  • Manageability - the Digital Evolution XML VPN product family leverages Digital Evolution’s market-leading Web services management technology to give users the flexibility to guarantee Quality-of-service, deal with change over time, and add additional services while supporting the rapid growth that is expected as organizations reap the benefits of Web services.



The Digital Evolution XML VPN ensures secure and managed Web services communication between business partners, clearing the final hurdles in the transition from Web sites to Web services. By minimizing security risks and automating the provisioning process, the XML VPN both helps organizations and their partners leverage the benefits of Web services, and accelerates the use of Web services for business-to-business communication.  XML VPN is available both as a hardware appliance and as software.


About Digital Evolution
Digital Evolution is the leading provider of comprehensive enterprise class SOA security, management, registry and provisioning solutions.  Digital Evolution’s products include the XML VPN for B2B XML, Web services management and security; and the Service Manager for complete Enterprise SOA management, security and registry.  These products combine to create the only complete SOA Fabric solution available today. Digital Evolution is a privately held company backed by leading investors including Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Paladin Capital Group, and Palisades Ventures Fund. The Digital Evolution Service Manager is the Winner of 2004 Gold Product of the Year Award for Web Services Management from SearchWebService.com. For more information, please visit www.digev.com.



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