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Subject: [OASIS Member News] Choreology demonstrates successful interoperation of its software with Web Service transaction specifications

--The following is a re-submission of a member press release that was not successfully posted in January. Please accept our
apologies for the delayed transmission of this news.--

Choreology demonstrates successful interoperation of its software with Web Service transaction specifications

27 January 2005, London: Choreology Ltd, a pioneer of Business Transaction Management (BTM) software, participated in the first
Interoperation Workshop for Web Service Transaction Specifications, organized by IBM and Microsoft and held at IBM's Raleigh N.C.
offices last week. Choreology and other workshop participants successfully tested interoperation of WS-Coordination (WS-C),
WS-AtomicTransaction (WS-AT) and WS-BusinessActivity (WS-BA). 

These specifications are intended to facilitate interoperable, distributed, recoverable transactions, both for classic short-lived
transactions, and for long-running coordinated activities typical of many enterprise business processes. Reliable and flexible
coordination of web services is fundamental to successful composition of applications in a service-oriented environment. Business
transactions are also essential to surmount the loss of coordination and control that accompanies the use of asynchronous messaging

The three specifications tested in the Interoperation Workshop were originally authored by BEA, IBM and Microsoft. Choreology has
contributed detailed proposals for their improvement and evolution as part of the "workshop process". Read our Feedback to the
authors of WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity, 4 May 2004 at:


Choreology staff were instrumental in shaping the first standard for distributed, recoverable long-running business transactions,
OASIS Business Transaction Protocol (BTP - June 2002), which still forms the main basis for the company's BTM product. The unified
architecture of Choreology's software permits users to select coordination protocol by configuration, while using a single API. This
approach insulates customers from trivial differences between the competing specifications.

Choreology's software also allows customers to apply flexible and appropriate levels of coordination (from the propagation of a
common identity, through selective outcomes/updates, to all-or-nothing updates) across any number of participating services or
applications. Each participant service has control over its level of subordination to the overall transaction (allowing legacy,
Service-Oriented and ACID resources to co-exist in new business transaction configurations). The product is designed to work in
heterogeneous technical environments, bridging J2EE and Web Services, and synchronous and asynchronous messaging paradigms, on a
wide range of platforms, allowing the integration of application services, databases and message queues.

While the WS-C, WS-AT and WS-BA specifications are essentially functional subsets of BTP, they have the backing of key transaction
system vendors, and Choreology therefore plans to upgrade its current implementation of the first (August 2002) versions of these
specifications, with the goal of shipping GA product during 2005 which supports the latest (November 2004) versions. It is our
intention to make these implementations available for ISV licensing. 

BTP itself was recently revised in the light of implementation experience and customer usage, leading to the adoption by OASIS of
BTP 1.1 as a Committee Draft in November 2004, which will also be supported by Choreology this year. 

Choreology continues to work actively in standards bodies to develop and bring about convergence of all the candidate Business
Transaction Management specifications - BTP, the WS-C, WS-AT and WS-BA trio, and the OASIS WS-Composite Application Framework
(WS-CAF) family, which is backed by Oracle. 

About Choreology:

Choreology plays a defining role in the emerging category of Business Transaction Management software. Founded in January 2001 by a
group of specialists in the field of distributed transaction management, the company's senior staff average 20 years in the IT
industry. They have commercial, technical and managerial experience with transactional products and solutions, working with both
vendors and end customers, across financial services, insurance, telecommunications and supply chain management. Choreology is a
privately held, UK-based company headquartered in London. Choreology's Business Transaction Management software is available for end
user deployments and ISV integration, solving a wide range of integration issues - delivering fully flexible and recoverable
business transactions for business process management execution engines; supporting the reliable composition of applications across
service-oriented architectures; ensuring consistency for data integration projects; enhancing MOM integration frameworks with
business transaction management capability. 

For further information please contact:

Katy Birch

Choreology Ltd. 

+44 (0) 870 739 0056


www.choreology.com <outbind://6/www.choreology.com> 

Note: The functionality described and timescales for product availability reflect current plans, but may be subject to change.

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